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Rockhampton is just as classy as it sounds when you’d like to become a part of a club that welcomes all greyhound racing fans from near and far. With many main events that welcome both members, and those that want to come and check out what the races are about; there is always some time to stop by and see the dogs in action. Each race provides a different sized track, giving way to some of the more elite racing dogs and even the beginners in the league that are making their way up the ladder.

The Winners of the Race

Rockhampton Racing Australia - Guide & Full Information

When you put your bet down on the dogs that are going to win, you get your money back times however many are betting against the dog and so forth. The rules for the race, and for your wagers are placed at the box office for the waging. This is where you’re able to make something out of nothing. The betting prices are low, and you can multiply them to make your wagers much higher, and even bet on multiple dogs if you wish.

The last win was a big one for Eagle Eye, and the winners are still able to count the cash on the dogs that they set their money down on. Through the winner, they are able to stick with the same dog or go with another winner. They are transferred out throughout the races, so they may change with time. Checking the roster for the upcoming dogs is ideal if you want to find out if your favorite is going to be racing in the upcoming races.

Each dog is placed within the kennel area in the same block. They are in air conditioned spaces, are provided with the necessary veterinarian care and are able to stay on their regular diets with visits from the trainers and/or owners before and after the races. Those that wish to keep their dogs within the kennels during the race days are encouraged too.

Becoming a Member

When you’d like to become a member with Rockhampton, you’re provided with many options depending on the level you’d like to join as. For a small membership fee, you can have access to all of the amenities that the tracks provide, while also having some of the best seats during all of the races without having to pay the premium price. Of course, your guests are welcome for a small price and the bar, restaurant and other areas are always open for those members that wish to make use of them.

Many people have become members with Rockhampton Racing Club, where they are able to become a part of something bigger. Speak with the other members or get tips for training the dogs and their secrets for success from many of the trainers that stay on site for most of the race days when it is racing season for the dogs. The club is able to offer those lush amenities that come from being a part of any racing club, including a bar, dining and lounge area for those members that visit on a regular basis.

Whether you’re coming to see the races in action, make use of the available space or come to chat with the trainers or other members; the Rockhampton Racing Club has everything you need to become a part of the greyhound racing group. Have a tight knit group that you can speak racing with, while also getting pointer from some of the top rated trainers for the group. With the help of the membership, you’re able to gain access to a lot more than just paying for your seat during each of the races.