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Australia loves gambling online, and most especially on competitive sports. There are many amazing sites that have garnered respect among sports betting and online gambling fans, such as Unibet, Sportsbet, and William Hill, to name only a few. Many aficionados will tell you the most important step in getting involved in the lucrative sports betting arena is to choose top quality sites. There are many sites, but only a few great ones. The Australian Government has been very proactive in ensuring that gamblers have a great time, as well as a safe and secure one.

Australian Sites Comparisons

Australian Sports Betting - Top Aussie Online Sports Gambling

Many of the sites that offer a wide array of sports betting online gambling options offer bonuses, special features, and want your business. The truth is that sports betting in online gambling is big throughout Australia and the world, for that matter. Many of the best sports gambling sites listed here represent organisations that specialize in AFL, and even betting tournaments to make the experience even more unique.

Site Bonuses and Special Features - *Free Bets = no vig fee
William Hill Australia William Hill offers an ongoing sign on bonus of $200, and you can also get $700 in free bets at Before You Bet.
Unibet Unibet offers a different set of bonuses dependent upon what country punters are coming from. Over 30,000 events every year, and Aussie punters will enjoy 100% cash bonuses three days a week.
Sportsbet Punters will love their $400 deposit as well as $600 in bonus bets. It is one of the most widely used sites, and they offer a $501 sign on bonus.
Bet365 Bet365 has its origination in the UK and in 2012 they opened up in Australia. Currently offering a 100% cash bonus for new customers.

Sports Betting Basics

It is important to understand how odds are represented when punting in Australia. Aussies utilize the "decimal odds", just as they are represented in Europe. For example, the decimal betting odds of 3.00 are best explained as such: a bet equalling $1 would result in a win of $2 with the original $1 added, equalling $3 in your bankroll.

When online gambling via sports betting, it is important to understand that the bookmaker will receive a sum of money for placing the bet. The bookmaker's share is known as the vig.

Quickest Payouts are found at all of the best sports betting sites. Just like any online gambling enterprise, it is important to check with your online sports betting site of choice prior to depositing if the timeliness of payouts is of paramount importance. Keep in mind that your personal method of payment and withdrawal has a great deal to do with payout speed.


When choosing the best gambling online sites, it is always a good idea to do some online reading to see what other punters are saying about the sites that they are using. It is also helpful to be well informed about the sports or athlete that you are wagering on. The best system and strategies are those that are well thought out, accompanied by an awareness of when to get the best odds.

Timing does matter when it comes to sports betting in online gambling. Far too often, people fall into the trap of just going with their gut. While that may work some of the time, it is far more often just a fluke. The best sports betting online gambling winners are the informed ones. It is equally important to find articles where sports betting odds are explained. Keep in mind this simple strategy for ensuring that your bankroll stays plump is to shop around. Believe it or not, not all online sites charge the same vig fee. The bookmaker's fee can vary, and, let's face it, fees can add up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are sports betting sites legal?

Sports betting sites are fully legal in Australia, and millions of Australians enjoy placing a bet on their favourite sport or team online. The Australian government has been proactive in ensuring that its citizens are fully protected when they are betting on sporting events over the internet, and international sports betting sites must meet the standards set by the Australian government if they wish to offer their services here.

What types of betting are popular in Australia?

Australia is famously a sport loving country, and as a nation of punters there are bets placed on a variety of sporting events. Soccer, tennis, golf and horse racing are traditional betting favorites around the world and Australia is no exception. However, Australians also enjoy a punt on some of their home-grown sports like the AFL and rugby league to name but two, not to mention a variety of motor sports.

How much should I bet?

Before you start betting you should work out a monthly gambling allowance and try not to exceed that amount. Many sites will allow you to set limits on the amount of money you can deposit within a set period of time, and that can be a useful way of monitoring your sports betting outlay.

What are sports betting lines?

Sports betting lines are more often referred to as ‘spreads’ in the online betting world. This is when a particular team is handicapped versus their opponent in the form of a hypothetical sporting disadvantage. So for example a weaker soccer team may be offered winning odds of 4/1 based on them starting with an imaginary “+1” goal. In that scenario you will get longer odds on the stronger team winning based on them having a negative goal start.

Do systems and strategies work?

There is no simple system to ‘beat the house’ in online sports betting; if there was, everyone would be using it. The key to winning at sports betting is to follow your head and not your heart, and to look for value bets where you believe that the odds on offer are better than they should be for the outcome of a given match or league.

Is it safe?

Every site recommended on these pages is regulated and subject to regular independent testing to ensure that games are fair and pay out correctly. Online casino games are powered by random number generators and any reputable site use games which are independently monitored by bodies such as eCOGRA to ensure that these RNGs are indeed fully randomized. You can rest assured that if we recommend an online betting site that you can play safely and securely online.