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Harness Racing Betting 2024 - Place a Bet Online at Top Sites

Presuming harness racing is somehow inferior to its thoroughbred cousin really is putting the cart before the horse. Although harness racing lacks the glamour of what you might find in the Kentucky Derby or Melbourne Cup, it's actually worthy in its own right. More importantly harness racing online gambling can feel like a punter's paradise. There are always great races taking place both locally and internationally. If you love gambling online, harness racing should be a part of your personal program.

If you visit any reputable online gambling sites, harness racing sports betting should be available. Yet if you want the most harness racing sports betting in Australia, you'll want to head directly to our recommended internet sports gambling sites. Here's what's in store:

  • Access to tracks in Australasia, Europe, and the USA
  • The best online gambling harness racing odds
  • Free live streams of races from Australia and abroad

Taking The Reins

If you are interested in harness racing sports betting, you'll want to get familiar with the Inter Dominion. For the past 80 years, the annual competition, which rotates between Australia and New Zealand, has been the premier harness racing event in our hemisphere. The championship now takes place over four evenings and is not to be missed. The stakes are high with a coveted $1.1M purse.

Whether you wager domestically or internationally, online betting is surprisingly affordable. You can bet on harness racing for as little as a dollar.

When you visit top sports betting sites, you'll likely encounter several other events that deserve your attention. The Western Australia Pacing Cup and the Eurodrive Miracle Mile in New South Wales should always be top of mind for anyone who enjoys online sports betting.

Horsing Around Across The Globe

Before you start enjoying gambling online with harness racing sports betting, it's important to note that races can be conducted in two different gaits. Events in the US, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and United Kingdom involve either trotting or pacing. If you happen to virtually visit tracks in Europe outside the UK, harness racing online gambling is strictly of the trotting variety.

Whether you plan on sports betting or spending a day at the races, Australian harness racing is unique. Not only do we use metric, but you'll find more horses in each race. Interestingly enough, and of particular concern to anyone who plans on taking advantage of harness racing online gambling, in Australia the leader doesn't have to concede the lead to a challenger.

Harness Racing Online Gambling FAQ

How does harness racing betting work?

Harness racing betting is practically self-explanatory at the best sports betting sites. After creating your account and depositing funds, head to the harness racing section. Just choose your track to browse the available races. When you see appealing odds, choose one or more horses by clicking on them. Next enter the amount of your wager and click confirm.

When betting, sports fans should know that they aren't limited to picking winners. Whether you play at the track or online gambling sites, harness racing sports betting has endless options. Gamblers can wager on the horse to win, place, and occasionally show. You can manually wager on multiple horses or take advantage of exotic bets like quinella, exacta, trifecta, and first four.

Is betting on harness racing legal?

Harness racing online gambling is completely legal in Australia if you are at least 18 years of age. Although some forms of internet gambling are prohibited by law down under, most types of sports betting are fully legal. You can legally bet on domestic and international harness racing without issue. Just make sure you stick to the best sports betting sites, which are fully regulated and licenced.

How do the odds work?

Even if you are new to all forms of online gambling, harness racing odds aren't complicated. In Australia, odds are provided in decimal format. You'll see various odds beside each horse. For example, Professor Rapidity is listed at 8.00 to win and 1.35 to place. If you wager $10 on your horse to win, you'll win $80 if Professor Rapidity finishes first. If you bet $10 on your horse to place, you'll win $13.50 if Professor Rapidity finishes first or second.

How should I choose a horse?

While it's certainly fun to pick a horse that has a wacky name, that's hardly an effective harness racing online gambling strategy. It's best to pore over the data. There are lots of good tips and picks on the internet. In general, there are fewer upsets in harness racing than its thoroughbred counterpart. Harness racing sports betting is generally more consistent. The odds might just be your best predictor of the outcome.

Where do these races take place?

Harness races continue to be popular around the world. Races take place right here in Australia, but also in the USA, New Zealand, Canada, Italy, France, Sweden, and Finland. If anything your harness racing betting options are endless.

Where can I bet?

When you visit any of our recommended sports betting sites, you'll have access to races at all the top tracks around the globe. Wager on events in Australia and New Zealand or set your sights on Europe, America, and beyond. Online gambling harness racing is available anywhere in the country on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. That's the beauty of betting sports.

How can I improve my chances?

As we touched upon earlier, you can improve your harness racing sports betting performance by doing a little research. Pay attention to the drivers. Post position is important with the inside track having a statistical advantage. Don't dismiss the importance of class. Some trainers enter horses in races where they don't stand a chance. When betting, sports fans know there's no point chasing a hopeless longshot, no matter how lucrative the odds are.

Can harness racing bets be profitable?

Like many types of online gambling, harness racing can be profitable. In many ways it's the easiest kind of horseracing. With longer races, lengthier careers, and greater overall consistency harness racing online gambling is less of a crapshoot, at least relatively speaking. No matter what strategy you choose, you'll want to visit one of our highly recommended online sports betting websites. Better odds and big bonuses will always improve your bottom line.