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Greyhound Racing Betting Online in 2024 - Bet at Top Sites

It’s hard to dispute the notion that dogs are man's best friend. Yet did you know they can also be a punter's top bet in the world of sports betting and gambling online? Greyhound racing continues to be a multi-billion-dollar industry and is popular across the globe. Greyhound racing online gambling isn't limited to Australia. You can easily place wagers on tracks in New Zealand, Ireland, America, and the UK.

If you enjoy online gambling, greyhound racing might not be top of mind. Yet it's definitely exhilarating. With a lively schedule and fast-paced action, Greyhound racing sports betting is always worth a look. Although Greyhound Racing online gambling sites are fairly prevalent, there's no sense choosing a sports betting website at random. Our experts have found the top wagering sites that offer dog racing. Here's what you'll find when you visit one of our recommended bookmakers:

  • The widest range of greyhound racing betting options
  • Live streams direct from the racetrack
  • Fully licenced and regulated action

Enjoy A Day At The Races Anywhere

With races happening across the country every day of the week, there's no shortage of canine online sports betting right here in Australia. Yet online sports wagering sites give you access to tracks on several continents. That means you can enjoy races day and night. Plus, as we've touched upon earlier, you can watch live feeds of the races at any of our recommended gambling sites.

Greyhound racing sports betting even works on your smartphone or tablet. Feel free to place a wager on the train, at your favourite café, or while in line at the supermarket. The possibilities for fun are endless with online gambling. Greyhound racing is incredibly easy even if you're an absolute beginner.

A Great Way To Experience Online Sports Betting

Although it's certainly fun to attend live races now and again, it's far easier to succeed at greyhound online sports betting. With more tracks and events at your disposal, you won't feel pressured to place weak wagers for the sake of betting. More importantly, you can expect to find better odds with online gambling.

Greyhound racing betting is more rewarding online. Finding the best bets is simple when you aren't limited to a single bookmaker or track.

Greyhound racing online gambling isn't just about the convenience of being able to wager whenever and wherever you feel like it. When betting, sports fans can find analysis, news, and tips on the internet. Do you really want to start crunching numbers, reading analysis, making sense of the data at the track? It's far easier to be more disciplined from the comfort of home.

Did You Know?

Australians collectively wager over three billion dollars annually on dog races? While greyhound racing online gambling in Australia represents just a fraction of that figure, more punters are shifting their betting onto the internet.

Greyhound Racing Online Gambling FAQ

How does greyhound betting work?

Greyhound racing sports betting is really simple. Just browse the available tracks and races. When you see a dog you like, click on your greyhound to add it to your racing card. You can typically choose a dog to win or place second. You can also hedge your bet by making an each way bet, which will be paid if your dog finishes among the top two. When enjoying online gambling, greyhound racing punters can bet on multiple dogs and take advantage of exotic bets.

Is greyhound sports betting legal?

Unlike some forms of online gambling, greyhound racing wagers are fully legal in Australia. In fact, the Interactive Gambling Act allows many forms of internet sports betting. Individual Australian states have the power to make and enforce their own gambling laws. As a rule of thumb stick to licenced and regulated sites that offer greyhound racing betting. Sports fans don't have to look far. Just check out our list of the best sports betting sites.

Can I bet online?

You can definitely bet online. In fact, internet sites offer better odds and access to more tracks than local bookmakers in Australia. Many greyhound racing sport betting websites also televise the action, so you can watch your wagers play out while the races take place.

How do the odds work?

Just like most types of online sports betting in Australia, greyhound odds are displayed in decimal format. You might see Mickey Miller at 3.5 odds to win. That means you'll receive $350 off a $100 wager for a $250 profit. You'll also find odds for your horse to place, which is betting lingo for finishing second. You are obviously free to bet on multiple canines or take advantage of combination bets.

How should I choose my bets?

When enjoying greyhound racing sports betting it's a good idea to do a little research. Most sites give lots of great info when you fill out your race card. You can compare recent racing records of each dog, how much prize money each has amassed, and odds fluctuations. Generally, it's best to hedge your bets, especially when starting out.

Do you have any winning tips?

Like most forms of sports betting, information is power. Take the time to study the statistics on any of the top sports betting sites. When you are starting out, it's a good idea to read various race previews that are available on the internet. Given that dogs often get scratched from the races, there's little incentive to bet in advance.

Where do these races take place?

When you visit the leading online gambling sites, greyhound racing tracks are available from around the world. You'll have access to races in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and the United Kingdom.

Is there a strategy I can use?

The best strategy when starting out is to exercise bankroll management. Greyhound racing online gambling can feel highly volatile if you select your bitches and dogs because you like its name. We recommending looking for odds that are attractive. Don't make huge bets on longshots or sure things. Age does make a difference too, although there are anomalies. Don't forget to take advantage of the best sports betting online gambling bonuses. It's a great way to get into the swing of things without breaking the bank.

Can it be profitable?

Compared to other forms of online gambling, greyhound racing can definitely be profitable. Although there is certainly a lot of luck involved, greyhound racing online gambling sites offer lots of information to help you make informed decisions. The most successful punters are disciplined and refrain from wagering unless the odds are favourable.