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Top Cricket Online Betting 2024 - Australian Cricket Bets Guide

Do you know a single Australian who doesn't love cricket? The infatuation for the game spans generations and is apparent in every region of the country. Whether you prefer the accessibility of club cricket, the Big Bash League, The Ashes, or the ICC Test Championship, there's more to the game than just watching. When it comes to gambling online, cricket provides some of the best sports betting opportunities. Even if you've never tried betting, sports like cricket are a great place to start.

Legal cricket online gambling is now available to Australians. Whether you prefer to back your local team or enjoy overseas matches, critic sports betting has you covered. Our experts have found the best cricket online gambling websites. Here's what's in store when you visit a top-rated site:

  • Excellent odds on Australian and international cricket matches
  • Friendly and helpful customer support available 24/7
  • An exclusive cricket sports betting cash bonus

Big Bash League Online Sports Betting

With teams in Adelaide, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney, the 8-team Big Bash League provides great opportunities for gambling online. Cricket fans across the country adore the Twenty20 tournament. Although the current format is just a few years old, its popular in Australia and beyond, especially for cricket online gambling. There's also a Woman's Big Bash League, which you can now find at a handful of online gambling sites. Cricket sports betting like the game itself is available to all in Australia.

The Ashes Cricket Sports Betting

Steeped in tradition, The Ashes might just be the most popular test cricket series as far as Australians are concerned. With a history dating back to 1882, the annual 5-match series pits Australia against England. It's no surprise that these events are popular on sites that offer online gambling. Cricket fans in both countries wager and watch in droves.

Given the popularity of the test cricket series down under, The Ashes is an excellent betting occasion for first time punters.

Over the years both countries have been evenly matched, although lately England has proved pretty strong. The moral applies to various forms of betting. Sports fans shouldn't let their patriotism or hometown pride influence their wagers. It's best to crunch the numbers if you want to win cricket online gambling bets.

The Road To The Cricket World Cup

While the 2019 Cricket World Cup might not be top of mind since it is years away, the path to the 10-team one-day international tournament is filled with top cricket online gambling opportunities. More importantly, Australia continues to be the odds favourite. Who knows? If you do well at top sports betting sites, you may be able to take your mates on a holiday to see it live. Keep tabs on the ICC rankings and work the odds to your advantage. When visiting the best sports betting online gambling sites, it's not a great idea to place wagers so far in advance since it can tie up a portion of your bankroll.

Cricket Online Gambling FAQ

How does cricket betting work?

Betting on cricket is as simple as visiting any of the best sports betting sites, creating your account, and depositing some money. You can do this in a matter of minutes in Australia. Once your account is set up, just browse the various cricket leagues and matches. Find a match, market, or proposition that suits your style by clicking on the associated odds. You'll be prompted to enter the amount of your wager. Click submit and your bets are registered. You can expect your account to be credited promptly if you're a winner.

Is cricket online gambling legal?

If you live in Australia, cricket sports betting is legal. Although the Australian government does prohibit various forms of internet wagering, sports betting is allowed. Many of the world's best sports betting sites operate on Australian soil and they're fully licenced too.

How do the odds work?

In Australia cricket odds are generally displayed in decimal format. If you are wagering on Twenty20 Big Bash you might encounter Melbourne Renegades 1.71, Hobart Hurricanes 2.20. In this situation a $100 bet on Melbourne will pay out $171. Likewise, a $100 bet on Hobart pays out $220. These calculations reflect the total cash that will be returned to you and include your original bets.

What games can I bet on?

Cricket online gambling options are endless. You can wager on IPL matches, Twenty20 Big Bash, Twenty20 Cup, Caribbean Premier League, The Ashes, ICC Cricket World Cup and One-Day Internationals, Royal London One Day Cup, Indian Premier League, and so much more. If anything top sports betting sites give you too much choice.

Are there any tips for winning?

Compared to other forms of sports online gambling, cricket betting success doesn't require you to be a diehard fan. Cricket sports betting comes down to statistics. If you are good with numbers, you are well on your way to winning. Compare past performances for teams as well as players. Consider the pitch and stadium, as well as the weather. When crunching the data, you'll need to factor in different game formats. Some players perform in Twenty20 but might choke in a test match.

Can cricket betting be profitable?

When contrasted with other forms of online sports betting, cricket has plenty of money making potential. As we touched upon earlier, the game is largely based on statistics. Yet even if you don't have time to pore over the data, there are lots of blogs, tip sheets, and press that can give you valuable insight. More importantly, don't forget to compare odds at all the nest sports betting sites.