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NFL Betting Online 2024 - Place a Bet at Top Sites in Australia

Despite its comparatively short schedule, NFL betting is easily the most popular form of sports wagering in the USA. Before the rise of the internet, many professional gamblers would actually relocate to Las Vegas for the entire football season. In those days it was the easiest way to make legal bets. Fortunately, NFL online gambling is now available to Americans and Australians in 2024. If you love online gambling, NFL action is hard to beat.

Even if you've never experienced online gambling, NFL or otherwise, chances are you're familiar with the Super Bowl. The annual big game isn't just the most watched television event in the world, but it's also the most popular sports betting event. Yet there's a whole season of great NFL online gambling opportunities. Just visit any of our recommended online sports betting sites for great bets. Here is what you'll find at the best sportsbooks:

  • Access to every exhibition, regular season, and playoff match
  • Free cash bonuses when you sign up and fund your account
  • Ability to deposit, play with, and win AUD

Golden Betting Opportunities

When it comes to online gambling, NFL football is the undisputed king at least from September until the Super Bowl in early February. Each of the league's 32 teams plays 16 regular season games, roughly once a week. Although most games take place on Sunday, there are some matches on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. If you plan on watching live from Australia, keep in mind the vast time differences. There's a reason why Australian Super Bowl parties take place on Monday morning.

In the NFL the twelve best teams have the privilege of playing in the playoffs, which is single elimination tournament culminating in the Super Bowl. Four teams actually get to skip the first round, which is known as wild card weekend. This all adds up to incredible opportunities for betting. Sports fans who don't routinely gamble have been known to place a National Football League bet now and then. It's easy to bet as little as a couple of dollars at top sports betting sites.

Wrapping Your Head Around The Game

If you're wondering why teams play so few games, it's because American football is an extreme contact sport. Despite the helmets and padding, injuries and even concussions are quite common. When online gambling, NFL odds can fluctuate due to injuries.

An NFL team is only as good as its quarterback. Make sure you check who is slated to start before placing your bets.

It's not uncommon for star players to get sidelined for several games. This obviously affects the NFL sports betting odds, which tend to shift as game day approaches. As games are often played outdoors during the American autumn and winter, weather including snow can be a factor too.

The Best Bets In Australia

Given the popularity of NFL online gambling, top sports betting sites offer endless ways to bet. You aren't limited to picking winners. You can bet on the Super Bowl winner before the season even starts. Wager on the number of touchdowns an individual player scores in the second half. Many gambling sites offer live betting, which means you can bet on individual plays as the game takes place, although this isn't typically allowed at domestic sites.

Your NFL sports betting options expand during the Super Bowl. You can wager on the length of the national anthem, halftime show set list, game MVP, and the colour of the Gatorade that gets dumped on the coach's head. It's sports betting at its absolute finest and then some!

NFL Sports Betting FAQ

How does NFL betting work?

Like most types of sports online gambling, NFL betting is fairly straightforward. After signing up and making a deposit at one of the best sports betting sites, you can browse the schedule. Simply find a game that interests you, compare the odds, select the type of wager you want to make, and enter the amount of your bet. After double checking all the details submit your bet. You'll automatically be paid if you win. What could be easier?

Is NFL betting legal in Australia?

In Australia online NFL sports betting is perfectly legal. The Interactive Gambling Act does prohibit Australian gambling sites from offering various forms of gambling yet this legislation doesn't apply to sports. Top sports betting sites are fully licenced and regulated, so you can play safely, legally, and confidently. Just make sure you are of legal age in your state or territory.

How do the odds work?

When online gambling, NFL bettors will typically see odds expressed in an American format. If you see Seattle +110 New England -120, you'll stand to win $110 on top of your original wager by betting a $100 on Seattle. At the same time, you'll need to wager $120 to make a $100 profit on a New England bet. If this sounds confusing, most sites let you switch to decimal format.

How do betting lines work?

Even if you've enjoyed other forms of betting, sports lines for the NFL can be confusing. That's because most gamblers tend to bet on more than just the outcome. The money line is your opportunity to bet on the outright winner. Over-under bets give you a chance to predict whether the total points score is higher or lower than the anticipated outcome. The point spread is one of the top ways to bet, as it lets you handicap the outcome. You'll find all of these options for all games at sports betting online sites.

Is handicap betting an option?

Handicap betting is widely popular at the best sports betting sites, especially for American football. Rather than wager on the outright winner, you can wager on the spread. Consider a game between Cleveland +6 and Los Angeles -6. In this example, Los Angeles is favoured by six points. If you bet on Cleveland and they lose by fewer than six points, you'll still win. At the same time, Los Angeles will need to win by more than six points if you bet on them.

What games can I bet on?

At the best sports betting sites, you can wager on every match. There's no need to wait for the Super Bowl when you can gamble on the preseason, regular season, wild card games, playoffs, and Pro Bowl too. NFL betting isn't limited to the final score. There are lots of individual player and prop bets too.

Can I use a betting system?

You're obviously free to use a betting system, but over the long haul you'll find the vast majority of systems don't work. The best NFL betting strategies involve sound bankroll management, timing your bets, and comparing lines on multiple sites. We highly advise against paying so-called experts for their online sports betting tips.

Can NFL sports betting be profitable?

Like most forms of sports wagering, NFL online gambling can be challenging. There are a lot of variables that can affect the outcome of any given game. Yet when you consider the volume of news, analysis, and statistics available, it's possible to gain real insight. If you take the time to follow the league, your success won't be entirely a matter of chance. When online gambling, NFL fans should always pace themselves and play within their means.