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Imagine heading down to your local casino or pub to hit the pokies and being given a pile of AUD to play with. Not very likely, right? But with free online gambling, this is exactly what you'll find.

And we're not talking about a few measly dollars here; our preferred sports betting site will give you AU $250 to have a free punt. Of course, there are some terms and conditions attached, but this is still a very attractive offer.


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How to claim free cash bets

FREE Online Gambling Bets 2024 - 100% Free Betting Online

Because free bets are such a big part of online gambling, we thought we'd put together a little guide on how to claim bets, some of their advantages over offline betting and a few things to watch out for.

Online casinos and sports betting sites aren't looking to trip people up when it comes to claiming free bets; all free bets on offer on the web are about the same because sites have worked out how much they can afford to give away to entice new customers.

Still, they won't necessarily make a lot of noise about the promo codes you need to use or the actions you need to take to claim some types of free bets when gambling online. Sites like this one will make it very clear how much you can expect to get, and what you need to do to claim your free AUD.

Advantages Of Free Cash Bets

The most obvious one? They're free! Even if you lose it all placing a silly bet on your favourite team, who may be a complete long shot, there's no harm done to your wallet.

You'll also find that the odds offered by free online gambling sites, particularly in sports betting, are generally better than their offline equivalents. This is because sites on the web don't pay rent and don't have much in the way of overheads.

They do, however, face a lot more competition than offline sportsbooks and that's why they have to provide the best odds that they can afford to.

Ever had a few drinks and woken up to find that you've lost your wallet, keys or phone? This is a bit of a nightmare, but imagine if you lost a winning betting slip worth thousands of AUD. Online gambling bets are logged, safely and securely, so you can never lose your betting slip online.

Free Bets For Aussie Gamblers

Below we have two of the best places to gamble online, featuring examples of great free bets we've found on the web, and a little walkthrough of how to claim them.

This process will look pretty similar to those at most other free online gambling websites, and the only thing you need to watch out for is that some free bets are actually matched bets.

This means that you'll receive free AUD to bet with equal to the amount of your first deposit (up to a certain amount). It will usually be pretty clear when you visit a site whether the bet they offer is truly free – a no deposit free bet – or a match bonus.

Free Bet One: Get $250 free from SportsBet

The first free bet we have for you is through SportsBet. When you join SportsBet through this website, you can claim a free $250 bet. The first thing to do is join up and open a real money online gambling account .

Once your account is opened, you can claim your free $250. Here’s how:

Once you know what you want your free bet to be on, find it on the website and add it to the bet slip. For this example, we have chosen horse No 7 ‘Lion Tamer’, in race 8 at Moonee Valley.

When you look on your bet slip you will see a ‘Free Bet’ button. Click it to get a drop down menu, which will display the available Free Bets. Pick which one you want from the drop down menu and simply click ‘bet’.

You’ll then be asked to finalise the bet, so just click ‘confirm’ and it will all be done. Online gambling’s that easy.

Free Bet Two: $500 free from PartyPoker

If poker is your thing, how does $500 free sound? Well, thanks to us that’s exactly what you can get!

This online gambling free offer is a match bonus, so the bigger your first deposit, the better the cash bonus you get. In other words, it makes sense to deposit as much as you can afford for your first deposit.

First things first, you need to go here and open a real money account. If it asks you to enter a bonus code, use OZPOKER to guarantee your bonus.

Once you’ve opened your new PartyPoker account, all you need to do is make a deposit using the options available, and your bonus will be automatically added to your account for gambling online. Better still, you’ve got 60 days to use it before it expires!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are online gambling games offered for free?

Many online gambling casinos and sports betting sites will offer players a cash bonus so that they can bet for free, as this is a popular way for gambling sites to attract new players. These bonuses often come in the form of matching deposit bonuses, meaning that the site will match your first deposit (or deposits) to a pre-determined maximum amount.

Which casino games can I play for free?

Depending on the casino, you will be able to find free bets on every form of online gambling including all casino games. Australian players can use their free cash bonus to play on popular casino table games such as Blackjack, Roulette, Blackjack and Craps as well as pokies, Poker, and various sports bets.

How do free games differ from real money variants?

The main point to bear in mind when it comes to free cash rewards is that there will always be some form of play-through requirement before funds can be withdrawn. This generally also includes any winnings you make from your bonus cash, which is not the case when you are simply using your own money to place bets.

Which free games are most popular with Australians?

Australia is a nation of sports-lovers, so clearly any sports-related bets are going to be a popular option. Similarly, pokie players enjoy the opportunity to take advantage of free spin promotions which allow players a set number of spins on a particular pokie game. As with all free bets, any winnings made using free spins on an online pokie will also be subject to wagering requirements before they can be withdrawn.

Will I need to register first?

In order to receive any free bets or rewards it will be necessary to register with the online betting site in question. Some sites require a deposit before any bonus is offered, but at a minimum you will be required to register with the site in order to remove the possibility of players trying to abuse a bonus system by taking multiple bonuses.

Can I play free games on a smartphone or tablet?

A huge number of Australians now use smartphones or tablets as a means to bet online, and the bonus offers which are available via desktop are also available for mobile users. In fact some sites offer mobile-only bonus offers to customers who download the mobile version of a betting site.