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Golf Betting Online 2024 - Bet at Top Rated Australian Sites

Given that golf is traditionally popular with an older crowd, it doesn't always come to mind when you think about online gambling. Golf fans no longer have to be just spectators. It's finally easy to have a stake in the game at online gambling sites. Golf sports betting is finally available to Australian players on the internet. Just visit our recommended sites for the best sports betting gambling online has to offer.

Whether you religiously follow the PGA tour or just love the nineteenth hole, there's always great golf online gambling out there. With lots of press and constant reporting during the season, golf sports betting doesn't have to be confusing or complicated. Here's what to expect when you visit any of the best sports betting sites:

  • Great odds on golf tournaments from across the globe
  • The ability to wager in Australian dollars
  • A great sign up bonus you can use to win more cash

Hitting A Virtual Hole In One

Like many types of online gambling, golf wagering can look confusing to first-time bettors. In practice, golf betting is no more difficult than other forms of sports betting. If you watch golf even occasionally, you'll likely be familiar with the biggest names in the game. In all likelihood these are the people you'll be betting on, unless you love absolute long shots. Unlike wagering on sports such as rugby, cricket, and basketball, golf online gambling involves putting your faith in an individual rather than a whole team.

If you are new to wagering on golf, it's worth adopting a philosophy that applies to online sports betting in general. Your success depends on having enough information to make informed decisions. The best gamblers don't draw names out of a hat. They look at the statistics, read expert analysis, and refrain from betting unless the odds are attractive. This is perhaps even more important in golf sports betting where the next superstar can emerge from what seems like nowhere. As an individual sport, one player can't rely on others to pick up the slack, although there are some team bets and events available.

Golf Online Sports Betting Possibilities

When betting, sports fans like having options. Golf online gambling definitely delivers in that department. Although the most common bet is picking the outright event winner, that's really only the beginning. Two or three ball betting is popular with punters in Australia. This lets you bet on the player who shoots the lowest in a given round within a particular twosome or threesome.

One of the best ways to hedge your golf bets when gambling online is by betting that a particular player will finish among the top five. This provides a nice cushion if your other wagers don't pan out.

If you are a fan of players going head to head, you'll probably want to check out the available match up. These are virtual contests where you get to predict which of two players performs best over a multiday tournament.

Make Your Way To The Putting Green

Are you looking for the best sports betting? Online gambling enthusiasts across Australia can now wager on all top golf events across the globe. There's no better way to experience the Major Championship without lacing up your golf shoes. Just visit our top rated Australian internet sports gambling websites.

Golf Online Gambling FAQ

How does golf betting work?

Golf sports betting isn't hard to wrap your head around. After creating an account at a top sports wagering site and depositing funds, you can browse the available golf tournaments. The most common type of golf sports betting is to bet on the outright tournament winner. You can also wager on head to head matchups, which give the chance to guess which player will fare better on the links. Like other forms of online gambling, golf punters will find propositions bets too, especially on larger tournaments. You can bet the finishing position of one or more players, nationality of the winner, or even individual holes.

Is golf sports betting legal?

Like most forms of sports online gambling, golf betting is available in Australia. Although Australia's Interactive Gambling act prevents online casinos from operating on the continent, this legislation doesn't apply to sports. Fortunately for players, golf online gambling is widely available right here in Australia at licenced sites. Although the rules vary from state to state, it's not hard to find the best sports betting sites right in your backyard.

How do golf sports betting odds work?

Sports betting golf odds are usually listed fractionally. If you are wagering on who will win the Masters outright you might see the following options Roy McIlroy 10/1 Jordan Spieth 14/1 Tiger Woods 17/1. If you wager $10 on McIlroy, you'll win $100 on top of your original wager if he wins the tournament. Some sites do show the odds in decimal format, which should already be familiar to Aussies.

What tournaments can I bet on?

The top sports betting sites give you access to large and small golf tournaments from all over the globe. Bet on the Masters Tournament, U.S. Open, The Open Championship, PGA Championship, The Ryder Cup, European Tour, LPGA events, and more.

Which ones offer the best opportunities?

Larger events with tonnes of media coverage tend to attract the most bettors. Top sports betting sites gladly meet the demands of punters by offering excellent odds and a great variety of bets. The Masters Tournament, Open Championship, U.S. Open, and PGA Championship are great for beginners and experience punters alike.

Can I watch golf online?

Like most sports, golf is available online in Australia. Many gambling sites now provide free live streams when betting. Sports enthusiasts can enjoy the vast majority of events at top sports betting sites, but not every broadcast is available down under. You can also take advantage of other streaming services if you don't have Foxtel service.

Can golf sports betting be profitable?

Golf online gambling has the potential to be financially rewarding. Like most forms of online gambling, golf bettors will want to do lots of research and find the best odds. If you know the game well and don't get too greedy, it's possible to carry the day. Winning is by no means easy, but the payoffs can be huge.