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Online Roulette Gambling 2024 - The Top AU Roulette Casinos

Once the preserve of those in the vicinity of a brick and mortar casino, now it's easy for all Australians to enjoy the iconic game roulette, online. There is no secret to why online gambling with roulette has never left the roster - it’s hard to resist the thrill of the spin! Since the game first became available to online Australian players it has become one of the most popular games of all time. Now the only problem is how to get started and which game to play? With so many real cash roulette options out there, ranging from the great to the grim, it’s not any easy task working out where to start! Luckily we have taken the time to separate the wheat from the chaff and compile a list of this year’s best online roulette games. Our sites offer:

  • A great variety of online roulette games
  • Safe, secure and reputable gambling sites
  • Easy to use and accessible banking options
  • Excellent customer service available 24/7

A How-To-Guide to Playing Casino Roulette Online for Real Money

So how to get in on the roulette action and win yourself some AUS dollar? First up you need to know what you’re playing. The two most common versions of roulette you will find when gambling online are American Roulette and European Roulette. Roulette was invented by the French in the 17th century, before finding its way slowly over to Las Vegas. This original version has held onto its roots and is what we now call European Roulette today. Worldwide it is the most famous version of the game available. Unsurprisingly American Roulette originated from America and was invented a while after the original game became popular.

Both games look much alike, and play by the same rules. The only difference being that American Roulette has an extra green colour slot (“00”). This increases the chance of the house winning and helps the casino to make more profit. For these reasons Australian players tend to search out European Roulette and it is certainly preferred by those looking to take home big winnings from their roulette online gambling.

Online European Roulette is a simple game to get to grips with. The game consists of a wheel, a ball and a table marked with the numbers one to thirty-six, coloured alternately with black and red. This means there are an equal number of black and red numbers, an even number of odd and even numbers and an even number of high and low number. The low range includes one to seventeen while the high range contains eighteen to thirty six. In addition to the red and black numbers, the zero is coloured green and given the name of “house number” as it gives the house a slight edge on the game (the statistical advantage the casino has over the player). In other words the odds of the ball landing on red or black are just under half, or to be more precise the house has a 2.70% edge on the players. To play, bets can be placed on any number or on a set of numbers. Once the bet has been placed, the wheel is spun and the ball is released in the opposite direction to the spinning of the wheel. The ball will finally come to a stop somewhere on the wheel. If you place a bet on the number that the ball stops on, the player wins the bet.

Pay Attention to your House Edge

One thing to pay close attention to when playing online roulette is the house’s edge. As we mentioned above the main variant here is the variation of the game you choose to play when gambling online. If you do choose to play American Roulette the addition of the “00” wager on top of the standard “0”, means that the European’s 2.70% house edge increases to 5.26%. Payout on the colours – red and black, or on the odds and evens are the same, and betting on columns still pay out 2/1, but payouts on a lone number rise to 35/1.

Online Roulette Variations

So we have covered the differences between American and European Roulette – but there is a little more to it than that. Nowadays some additional variations have become common at online gambling roulette sites, adding a new spin to the classic game. Variations to look out for include: Premiere Roulette, Multi-Wheel Roulette, Multi-Ball Roulette and the slightly crazy Spingo. Premiere Roulette introduces a whole lot of new colours to spice up the standard red/black, odd/even variations, thus giving you extra betting options. Multi-Wheel Roulette, as the name suggests, allows you to place bets on up to eight wheels simultaneously. Bets are still placed in the traditional manner, but with eight extra wheels spinning a new level of excitement is introduced. Multi-Ball Roulette is a game made especially for the online market. Up to three balls spin on the same wheel at once, increasing the chances of a win and adding a good dollop of extra action. Spingo isn’t a game for roulette purists it has to be said, but with its mix of roulette, bingo and lotto this is certainly a lot of fun to play. Probably the most exciting way to spin the wheel is via live dealer roulette games, which are currently taking the Internet gambling scene in Australia by storm.

What Makes for a Great Online Roulette Site?

There is quite a lot to consider when choosing your roulette site. Firstly you need to choose a site that is tailored to the game you want to play whether that be the American, European or newer versions. The site should offer a good range of different games, as well as stakes that match your wallet. Then there is the practical and security elements to consider. Does the site have a wide range of deposit systems, allowing you to easily input and output your money? Are fast cashouts guaranteed? Finally, but certainly extremely importantly, is the site secure and does it hold the right legislation? All roulette online gambling sites need to show proof that they adhere to the state’s law and that a Random Number Generator is used to ensure fair play. Look for the relevant logos displayed on the site and make sure to always check the site’s reputation by checking out reviews posted in the online gambling community.

We Find 2024’s Best Roulette Sites

Our team have gone to great lengths to find this year’s best Aussie sites. As a result we are confident you will find a site that not only satisfies your variation preference, but matches your budget, offers the best real money bonuses and guarantees the same security as any land-based casino. At the end of the day what this all boils down to is less time worrying about where to play your favourite game, and much more time enjoying the experience!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Roulette work online?

Roulette is one of the most famous and widely played online casino games available. Online games of roulette are powered by random number generators, meaning that the outcome of spins is determined randomly by a computer programme. Today many online casinos also offer ‘live dealer’ versions of roulette, where players can watch a live stream of croupiers spinning the wheel from a live casino set.

Can I be sure the online version is random?

All reputable online gaming sites will have their games independently tested at regular intervals to ensure that the games are truly fair and the results of each game are randomized. Bodies such as eCOGRA provide certifications for gaming sites which have been tested and verified, and all the sites recommended on these pages adhere to the highest standards of fair play.

Which sites offer the best games?

Check the list above for our recommended sites, where you will find a number of variations on the traditional game of roulette on offer. Look out for popular games such as Multi-Wheel Roulette and Multi-Ball Roulette, as well as live dealer versions of the game.

What is the difference from live roulette?

Live dealer roulette offers players the chance to experience an online version of the game which is as comes as close as possible to capturing the atmosphere of the ‘real life’ game. Here players can watch a live stream in HD quality as croupiers take the bets and spin the roulette wheel – all from the comfort of your home.

Is the online version of Roulette popular with Australians?

Roulette is a staple of casinos around the world, and the online version of the game has proved particularly popular with Australian players. The attractive returns to player along with the simplicity of game-play has been a winning combination for Aussie casino gamers.

How much could I win on the game?

The amount of your potential winnings is effectively limitless on the roulette tables, although of course there are minimum and maximum bets per spin which vary from game to game and from one casino to the next. The longest odds on the roulette table are the 35/1 paid out if you correctly pick the single winning number.

Is there a roulette system I can use online?

There are many systems out there promising success at the roulette tables, the most popular probably being the Martingale system. While there are some variations from one technique to the next, the Martingale system basically recommends doubling your stake to recover losses on outside bets. Caution should always be the watchword when trying out any of these systems, and it is advised to use practice money to find the best system for you.

Is it safe to play these games online?

Every site recommended on these pages is regulated and subject to regular independent testing to ensure that games are fair and pay out correctly. Online casino games are powered by random number generators and any reputable site use games which are independently monitored by bodies such as eCOGRA to ensure that these RNGs are indeed fully randomized. You can rest assured that if we recommend an online betting site that you can play safely and securely online.