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Baseball Betting Guide 2024 - Bet Online on Baseball Games

Despite stiff competition from basketball and football, baseball continues to be America's pastime. Yet it's also gaining major traction in Australia. MLB's 2014 Championship Series in Sydney put the game on the map down under and who can forget the ABL? Whether you follow the leagues diligently or only know the superstars, it's possible to succeed at baseball online gambling.

For lovers of online gambling, baseball presents a wealth of top betting opportunities. Here's what you'll find when you visit a recommended baseball sports betting website:

  • Access to the best baseball leagues across the globe
  • Incredible odds with plenty of ways to wager
  • Valuable welcome bonuses and cash back offers

The Ultimate Numbers Game

Baseball fans live and breathe statistics. They can cite an obscure player's batting average from two decades ago or remember some dramatic moment in an otherwise insignificant game. While that might seem a little obsessive, it's the perfect foundation for online gambling. Baseball is all about numbers. The best part is that you don't have to crunch them yourselves. There's an unlimited number of outstanding resources at your disposal and the best ones are free.

With a jam-packed schedule, baseball fans always have a choice of games to bet on during the 6-month regular season.

Speaking of numbers, if there's one baseball number you really need to know it's 162. That's how many games each MLB team plays in the regular season and happens to be baseball sport betting's biggest asset for gambling online. Teams play almost every night of the week for six months straight.

Who Is On The Mound Matters

Before placing bets, baseball online gambling site visitors will want to check out the pitching matchups. The starting pitcher is probably the greatest determinant to a team's success. If you don't believe us, check out how the odds shift when a game gets rained out or a pitcher get bumped.

Weather is also a concern in baseball, but not so much because it affects the play on the field. It can actually prevent a game from taking place as scheduled. Unlike NFL football, which won't get cancelled even if there's a snow storm. Baseball games can be postponed due to rain or cut short. That means that a starting pitcher may not start as scheduled. In fact, some bets are only valid if the listed starter takes the mound. Read our FAQ guide below before you begin baseball online gambling for more details.

Did You Know?

Major League Baseball sports betting isn't the only game in town. If you love gambling online, baseball leagues from Japan, Mexico, Korea, and Australia offer lots of great matches. Don't forget about the World Baseball Classic, which returned in 2017. Just visit the top sports betting sites down under and check out all the schedules.

Baseball Sports Betting FAQ

How does baseball betting work?

Baseball wagering works like most other forms of sports betting. You choose your league, find one or more games that interest you, and pick the winners. Of course you'll need to create an online sports betting account and deposit some funds if you haven't already. The whole process from signing up to submitting your first bet takes a few minutes at most.

Is baseball online gambling legal?

If you've heard that online gambling is illegal in Australia, you're not looking at the big picture. The Australian Interactive Gambling Act allows sports betting. It's up to individual states to enact their own gaming laws within this framework. If you're hoping to enjoy online gambling, baseball wagers are perfectly legal here. Just make sure you play at one of the best sports betting sites that's fully licenced.

How do the odds work?

If you plan on enjoying baseball sports betting at a top Australian website, you'll usually see odds in standard decimal format. You might see Padres 3.1 (Vargas) and Cubs 1.25 (Lester). If you bet $100 on the Padres, you'll take home a total of $310 if the Padres win. At the same time a winning $100 bet on the Cubs yields $125, for a measly $25 profit.

If you're wondering what the names in parenthesis mean, those are the starting pitchers. At many online sports betting websites, you'll have the choice of placing listed or action bets. If you place a wager that depends on the listed pitcher, you'll get your money back if the two starters don't throw at least one pitch. Action bets aren't concerned with who ends up taking the mound.

What are baseball betting lines?

When betting, sports fans know wagering on the outright winner isn't the only way to play. You can take advantage of betting lines that factor in a run differential. For example, you might encounter Kansas City (+1.5) 1.68 Cleveland (-1.5) 2.24. The numbers in parenthesis denote the margin of victory. If you wager on Cleveland to win, they'll need to win by more than 1.5 runs. At the same time, if Cleveland comes within 1.5 runs, they'll be the winner as far as this wager is concerned. Of course, since there are only whole runs there is no chance of a tie. The digits to the right of the parenthesis indicate the decimal odds as described above.

What leagues & games can I bet on?

At online gambling sites, baseball sports betting most often involves MLB action. That's an acronym for Major League Baseball and covers both the American and National Leagues. In recent years, baseball online gambling has expanded significantly. You can now wager on the Mexican League, Australian Baseball League, Korea's KBO League, and Japan's Nippon Professional Baseball.

Which baseball leagues offer the best opportunities?

Major League Baseball, which fields teams in the USA and Canada, offers the best opportunities for betting. Sports fans know that the MLB is the world's premier baseball league. You'll find over a dozen games almost every day between April and September. The best sports betting sites offer every game.

Can I watch online?

Although games can be long and at times slow, you can definitely stream them online. When you visit recommended online gambling site, baseball sports betting customers often get complimentary access to games. If you prefer higher definition broadcasts, MLB offers all sorts of affordable subscriptions and apps that let you enjoy the action anywhere.

Is baseball sports betting profitable?

Like many forms of sports online gambling, baseball betting can be profitable. Similar to the game itself, baseball online gambling revolves around statistics. If you harness this data, which is widely available, you can make informed decision. One particularly interesting aspect about baseball betting is that even great teams lose roughly 40% of the games. Whether you are playing for fun or the prospect of riches, make sure you never risk more than you can afford to lose and stick to top sports betting sites.