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If you live in Australia, you definitely know how popular tennis is. Whether you want to thank the weather or the fanfare surrounding key events in our own backyard, the game seems to get bigger every year. The best part is you don't need tickets to the Australian Open, Sydney International, or Brisbane International to take advantage of tennis online gambling. All you need to do is head to the best sports betting sites.

When it comes to online gambling, tennis always has a jam packed calendar. If you love betting and gambling online, sports like tennis are a great diversion from rugby and football. From the ATP World Tour to the US Open, there's amazing action at the best online sports betting websites. Here's what to expect when you sign on:

  • Access to the best matches on every continent
  • The most markets with the top odds in Australia
  • A great welcome bonus that will boost your bankroll

The Magic Of The Australian Open

Tennis Betting Online in 2024 - Top Sites for Australian Bets

The Australian open isn't just one of Australia's biggest sporting events, it garners plenty of global attention among Grand Slam Tournament fans. In fact, only the US open attracts more spectators. In terms of online gambling, tennis enthusiasts always enjoy punting. The event is known as the Grand Slam of the Asia Pacific, but it's also a favourite for anyone who enjoys tennis sports betting. Whether or not you make the trek to Melbourne Park, you can take part in a tradition that's lasted more than a century by betting.

Apia International Sydney And Brisbane International

There's excellent tennis sports betting every January. Although locals still call it Sydney International, it's officially called Apia International Sydney. Whatever name you go by, it's great for online gambling. Tennis titans have participated in this event since 1885. If you plan on betting, sports fans like you will find lots of action on both the men's and women's side of the ledger.

Sports fans will find plenty of local coverage for the Australian Open, Sydney International, and Brisbane International, making it simple to place informed wagers.

Famous for being played on hard courts, the Brisbane International takes place every January in advance of the Australian Open. In the world of online gambling, tennis sports betting fans always watch this event as it provides clues to the upcoming Grand Slam tournament. It's a great way to start your year on the right foot. It's a critical part of any tennis sports betting calendar. If you even dabble in tennis online gambling, you won't want to miss it.

Tennis Online Gambling FAQ

How does tennis betting work?

Like all forms of sports online gambling, tennis bets aren't difficult to comprehend. Just create an account at an internet bookmaker, deposit funds, and browse all the different matches and tournaments. When you see an interesting bet, click on the corresponding odds to add it to your betting card. You'll be prompted to enter your wager and then click to submit your bet. Feel free to place multiple bets at once or take advantage of parlays for incredible payouts.

Is tennis sports betting legal?

If you live in Australia, wagering on sports like tennis is completely legal. Although the Interactive Gambling Act does restrict many forms of internet gambling, sports wagering is exempt. It isn't even a grey area. The law is completely black and white. Betting on tennis is allowed, provided you wager before the match begins. If you are looking for licenced online gambling sites, tennis sports betting action is available at any of our recommended bookmakers.

How do the odds work?

Whether you are wagering on Australian or international events, tennis online gambling odds are usually expressed in decimal format. If you want to bet on the outright winner of the Men's French Open you'll encounter a list featuring dozens of names and their odds. For example you might see Djokovic 1.81, Nadal 3.9, and Raonic 48.2 among the names. To calculate your potential payouts simply multiply your bet by the posted odds. If you were to wager $100 on one of these players, your bets would pay $181, $390, and $4820 respectively.

Keep in mind these figures don't represent your profit, but the total amount you'll receive including your original wager. If you prefer an alternate odds format, the best sports betting sites are completely customisable in that regard. This applies to tennis sports betting and just about any other game.

How do the betting lines work?

Tennis sports betting isn't limited to picking outright winners. You can set a handicap, which means the margin of victory factors in to determining the winner. In a sample match between McHale Vs Ivanovic you might see McHale (+1.5) 1.8 Ivanovic (-1.5) 1.9. In this situation, Ivanovic is favoured and will need to win by a margin of more than 1.5 to be declared the winner as far as betting is concerned. At the same time if you bet on McHale and he loses by less than 1.5, your bet will win. Under these conditions bets on McHale and Ivanovic pay 1.8 and 1.9 respectively.

What games & tournaments can I bet on?

When you log onto any of the top sports betting sites you'll be able to wager on just about any tennis game or tournament in Australia and around the world. The Australian Open, Sydney International, Brisbane International, US Open, French Open, Fed Cup, Davis Cup, and Wimbledon are just a few of your tennis sports betting choices. Whether you prefer singles, doubles, ladies, or men's tournaments, the gambling online options are practically never ending.

Is it possible to watch tennis live online?

Tennis online gambling is more exciting when you can watch the action live. Luckily many sports betting websites provide live feeds to key events. If you can't find your match webcast at one of the top sports betting sites, it's not hard to find feeds on twitter or with a quick google search. You can even find authorised broadcasts on Facebook and periscope.

Can tennis betting be profitable?

When online gambling, tennis bets can definitely be profitable. With so many events in Australia and abroad to choose from, it's easy to find great tennis online gambling odds. If you follow the game, you know that stars rise and fall. While there's no secret to success, it's best to exercise a little bankroll management and capitalize on odds discrepancies across leading online sports betting websites. If you love betting, sports like tennis belong on your betting cards and calendar.