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Top Video Poker Online 2024 - Aussie Video Poker Sites

We all know Pokies are big here, from Sydney to Melbourne, it’s never hard to find yourself a game. But what if you didn’t have to leave the comfort of your own home? A thing of dreams? Well not any more. Online Video Poker is now available to every Australian. Thanks to the huge range of games, covering all your favourites as well as your budget, things really couldn’t get much better in Video Poker online gambling! Well actually they could. Thanks to our team, you can now cut out all the aimless searching for the best real cash video poker machines you can play for AUD, and follow our lead to the best games available on the web to Aussie players. Our Casinos offer:

  • A massive range of top online video poker games chosen especially for Australian players
  • Games to match all Aussie wallets when gambling online
  • High-quality graphics delivering fantastic Video Poker online gambling experiences
  • Independently audited software and the highest levels of security
  • Competent customer service, available day and night

Online Video Poker: How to Play

Online gambling with video poker has the great advantage of being much less intimidating than playing poker in the casino with other real life players. While the excitement and some of the same strategy remains, the need to try and read your opponents for information is removed. It is also has the huge benefit of just being much more accessible. Players must still try to build the best hand, but a thorough knowledge of poker isn’t really necessary to play online Aussie Video Poker. This has real appeal it seems for many players and indeed Video Poker has a very loyal following.

If you are a complete beginner, then take a read of the below and try your hand a few times at one of the readily available free games, before moving on to one of our recommended Video Poker site, for a chance to take home some great winnings. To play online Video Poker hit the ‘Deal’ button. This will draw you five cards all facing up. The aim of the game is to get the best hand of five cards in the one drawn – that is, one change of cards. At this point there will be cards you wish to hang on to and cards you wish to get rid of. Chose the cards you want to keep, anything from all to none and hit ‘Hold’. At this point you will receive a payout if your hand qualifies, according to the payout table. All the cards are then discarded and new cards will be re-dealt.

One thing to look out for when playing online Video Poker is the odds. You will find they are not all equal and vary from online casino to online casino. A good quality Video Poker game will pay five for a flush and eight for full house, while the very top games pay six and nine respectively at online gambling Video Poker sites.

Which Online Video Poker Variation to Play?

For those of you who enjoy video poker, you’ll be glad to hear that there are a sizable number of game variations available online. However the most common variation in Video Poker online gambling is a game called ‘Jacks or Better’. As the name suggests this pays out when you get the minimum of a pair of jacks. Another game to look out for is ‘4-Lines Jacks or Better’. This variation lets you play four hands simultaneously – which certainly ups the action! ‘Power Poker’ is a similar game, although here you hold your cards in one hand. Wild card games introduce a ‘Wild’ card into the mix. If you have ever played any Pokies you will know that the Wild card acts as a substitute helping you get closer to winnings. In Video Poker the Wild can substitute for any other card you’re holding. In ‘Deuces Wild’ the two is wild, while in ‘Joker Poker’ the joker is wild.

Online Aussie Video Poker Payouts

To start winning proper Aussie dollars from these online gambling Video Poker games it’s important to understand how the cards pay out. Take ‘Jacks or Better’ just mentioned above for example. Here the minimum paying hand is a pair of jacks. The coin you win for this duo will depend on the stakes you are playing. This means if your maximum bet is five coins you will win five coins. After a pair of jacks, the next winning combinations include: two-pair, the three of a kind, a straight, a flush, a full house, and then four of a kind, a straight flush and then a royal flush. Get a royal flush and the payout is 4000 coins. To add just a tad more excitement to the game, once you have won, there is often the opportunity to go ‘double or nothing’ on your money.

How to Choose a Good Online Video Poker Game

As with all online gambling games fair play and security should be taken seriously. To ensure a legitimate game all respectable online casinos should use Random Number Generators (RNGs). This ensures fair shuffling and eliminates the chance of the cards being rigged. The other important element to safe game play while gambling online is the software’s security. The sites you choose to play on should always display logos of auditors such as eCOGRA or SSL. These independent auditors ensure that the software being used can be trusted. All the sites we recommend value your safety and enforce the highest levels of security and well as always using reliable RNGs.

Other important features to check for are the Video Poker online gambling sites' customer service. This should be available night and day as the last thing you want is pesky problems at 1am preventing you from playing. How you can deposit your AUD is also a vital consideration. Good sites will offer a wide range of banking options, allowing you to pay via credit card, bank transfers, e-wallets and so on.

All in all online Video Poker is a fantastic game that can have you gripped. Stay safe, look at our recommendations and go get your hands on some cards to be in with a chance of winning big bucks!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do video poker games work?

Video Poker games are one of the oldest online betting games, and work in a very similar manner to 5 card draw poker. Five cards are dealt, and the player can keep as many of these as he/she wishes, with new cards replacing the discards. In the standard version of the game a hand of at least a pair of Jacks will pay out.

What sort of odds will I get?

A good quality Video Poker game will pay five for a flush and eight for full house, while the very top games pay six and nine respectively at online gambling Video Poker sites. For a Royal Flush you can expect a payout of up to 4,000 times your stake.

Does a certain variety have the best odds?

When it comes to video poker there are so many variations out there that it is a case of searching for the right option for you. Generally speaking if you choose a game with a lower minimum payout hand (like 10s or Jacks) then you will get lower odds than a game which requires a minimum pair of Kings or Aces to form a winning hand.

Is video poker popular with Australian gamers?

Video poker is one of the most popular online casino options for Australian gamers, as evidenced by poker machines which are found in pubs and clubs all over the country. This is a very straightforward game which offers some of the best percentage returns to player of any online game, making it a popular choice among canny Australian players.

Do I stand to win much online?

The huge wins from video poker come from earning a Royal Flush, and as anyone who has ever played any form of poker will tell you, this is not an easy hand to come by. However video poker has a great return to player percentage and progressive games offer some huge jackpots if you can come up with those elusive high value hands.

Which sites have the best jackpots?

When you check out the recommend sites on these pages you will find many great video poker options, some featuring life changing jackpot amounts. Pay a visit to any of the sites we recommend and you will be guaranteed a quality online gaming experience along with the security of playing on a trusted and secure site.

How can I tell if a game is rigged?

Every site recommended on these pages is regulated and subject to regular independent testing to ensure that games are fair and pay out correctly. Online video poker games are powered by random number generators and any reputable site use games which are independently monitored by bodies such as eCOGRA to ensure that these RNGs are indeed fully randomized. You can rest assured that if we recommend an online betting site that you can play safely and securely online.