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By Louise Mortimer
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In this guide, we'll look at a few sports online betting strategies/tips. Some of them are extremely simple, common sense in fact, but often get forgotten.

Others are a little more obscure, or things Aussie gamblers might not necessarily think about, but they're all worth bearing in mind if you want to maximise your odds of success!

Always Bet In Your Right Mind

Sports Betting Strategies - Better Sports Betting Approaches

There's an expression that the gamblers among you will be familiar with, and that's to "go on tilt". Whatever your gambling activity of choice – poker, sports betting, pokies or casino games – to wager "on tilt" is to let your emotions get the better of you and make silly decisions because of them.

There's no harm in going with your gut sometimes, but placing a huge bet on something that's highly improbable isn't a good decision. If you so much as catch yourself as thinking about it, we recommend that you cash out and take a break.

Do Your Homework

Before you place a bet, particularly if it's a big one that will affect a whole season, shop around and compare the odds that are being offered by several different sites.

We're confident that the sites we recommend have some of the best odds around, but there's no harm in checking them against some other well-known, reputable sportsbooks on the web.

It would be a real shame to place a bet of 50 AUD on 30/1 odds only to later find that another site was offering 50/1 odds. That's a loss of winnings to the tune of 1000 AUD!

Know Your Game

If you're a football fan, it makes sense to bet on football as you'll already know something about some of the teams you'll be placing wagers on (and against).

I know it's tempting to back your home team every time, but if you know they lose against the team they're playing against 75% of the time you might be better off betting against them. Just don't tell your fellow fans!

By keeping an eye out on breaking news about injuries, trades etc. you also give yourself the chance to place advantageous bets before sportsbooks get the chance to update their odds to reflect these changes. But you will have to work fast to capitalise on this tip.

Research Different Staking Techniques

There are all sorts of different betting techniques out there, such as the Martingale technique (which involves doubling a bet with every loss), but these are generally more applicable to casino gaming than they are to online sports betting.

There is one way that sports bettors often work to offset their losses and maximise their chances of coming out on top. This technique involves placing a bet on the favourite, often quite a large one, but several much smaller bets on wagers relating to the underdog(s) with long odds (25/1, 50/1, 100/1 etc.)

The thinking behind this is that a big win betting on the favourite is the most desirable result, but if there's an upset then there's a pretty good chance that one of those smaller bets will yield enough money to cover the loss on the favourite.

It's not guaranteed to cover all your losses, but it's a technique that a lot of Aussie gamblers swear by.

The bottom line is that there are no sure-fire techniques to succeed at sports betting every single time you place a wager. There's always an element of luck involved, and sometimes it's with you but sometimes it's against you.

Still, the above guide represents a pretty decent starting point for thinking about how to place wagers on your favourite sport, whatever it might be.