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With eighteen squads spread across five countries, Super Rugby is easily the hottest ticket across the Southern Hemisphere. Whether you are just a casual viewer or a full-blown fanatic, it's hard to resist the world's best rugby union competition. Yet the tournament's appeal goes far beyond the stands and television broadcasts. If you enjoy online gambling, Super Rugby offers outstanding wagering opportunities from February through August.

Given the popularity of the game in Australia, Super Rugby online gambling is fairly common. Yet only an inexperienced gambler would choose a random site for Super Rugby sports betting. Fortunately, we've found the greatest legal and licenced online sports betting sites for Australians. Here's what you'll find when you log on:

  • Excellent odds on all bets and access to all fixtures
  • A generous sports betting sign up bonus
  • Top customer support available 24/7

The Perfect Union For Online Gambling

Super Rugby Online Betting 2024 - Bet at Top Australian Sites

While the NRL certainly has its place in our minds and hearts, Rugby League is more of a thinking man's game. Yet whether you are a fan of league or union rules, it's not hard to appreciate Super Rugby. Online gambling fans and viewers can find more coverage than ever before. The sport is truly on the move with new teams in Argentina and Japan for 2024. It all adds up to increased excitement and more opportunities for Super Rugby sports betting.

Despite the game's global reach, we all know that part of Super Rugby sports betting's appeal is that you can follow your local heroes. Even if you don't live in Perth, Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane, surely you have a favourite. Of course if you enjoy sports betting, Super Rugby loyalty might only be as strong as the outcome of your last wager.

Enough Fixtures For Any Fan

For fans of online gambling, Super Rugby gives you plenty of wagering opportunities. With 18 teams playing 15 regular season matches each, your calendar will be full from late summer through winter. You can expect to find all the games on the best sports betting sites.

Super Rugby punters should always check the handicap market for more lucrative payouts, especially when the teams are mismatched.

After the regular schedule plays out the top eight teams reach the qualifiers in late July. Don't forget to log onto the top sports betting sites the week after to place your wagers on the semi-finals. Obviously the best action occurs the following week at the famous Super Rugby Final.

Did you know?

Although Super Rugby has teams in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Japan, and Argentina, there is discussion about further expansion. Expect to see teams in the USA, Canada, and possibly Uruguay over the coming years. If you can't get enough of the best sports betting, online gambling stands to get even more exciting in the future.

Super Rugby Online Gambling FAQ

How does Super Rugby sports betting work?

Even if you've never enjoyed online gambling, Super Rugby wagering is simple, then get gambling online. After creating your account at one of the best sports betting sites and making a deposit, just browse the list of games. If you see any matches and odds that appeal to you, simply select the winner and enter the amount of your wager before confirming. You'll automatically be paid if you win. Of course, you aren't limited to choosing outright winners when sports betting. Super Rugby fans can read more about handicapping below.

Is Super Rugby Online gambling legal?

Like most types of sports betting in Australia, Super Rugby bets made on the internet are legal. Although the Australian Interactive Gambling Act does outlaw many forms of online gambling, sports are exempted. In the arena of Australian online gambling, Super Rugby is incredibly popular. You'll find great odds and legal Super Rugby betting options at the top sports betting sites.

How do the odds work?

Super Rugby sports betting odds are easy to understand even if you've never wagered before. In Australia we tend to display odds in decimal format. In a match between Brisbane and Dunedin you might see odds of Reds 1.25 Highlanders 3.25. If you were to bet $100 on the Reds you would win $125, while a $100 wager on the Highlanders would yield $325. As these are decimal odds, you'll need to subtract your initial bets from your winnings to calculate your profit.

How does handicap betting work?

Like most forms of sports online gambling, Super Rugby bettors can take advantage of handicap betting. This lets you factor in a margin of victory rather than pick the outright winners. Most matches offer a line. You might see Reds (+3) 1.90 Highlanders (-3) 1.90. In this case, you'll only win by wagering on the Reds if they win by a margin of more than 3. Likewise, you can still win by betting on the Highlanders even if they lose, provided they come within the margin of victory. The best online sports betting sites in Australia let you set your own line. If you are expecting a blowout, you can find some truly explosive Super Rugby online gambling odds when betting. Sports fans know that anything can happen.

What Super Rugby games can I bet on?

When sports betting, Super Rugby fans can bet on all fixtures. You'll have access to all 17 rounds, qualifiers, semi-finals, and the Super Rugby Finals. Just make sure to choose the best online gambling sites. Super Rugby Sports betting fans should shop around for odds, as they do vary quite a bit even among online sports betting websites in Australia.

Is Super Rugby online gambling profitable?

Like many types of sports online gambling, Super Rugby betting can be harder than it looks. The good news is that winning frequently is by no means impossible and you don't have to rely on blind luck or make your picks at random. You'll find tons of coverage on television and the internet that it's not hard to make informed decisions. When betting, sports fans should start small and never risk more than they can afford to lose.