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If you're not feeling too confident with online gambling on racing, you can often place E/W (Each Way) bets. An each way bet doubles the cost of your bet, but means that you'll still win something if your pick places. For example:

E/W Odds >> 1/4 1,2,3

The above means that you'll win a quarter of the original odds if your pick places second or third. If your pick places first, you'll win both your original bet and the E/W component too.

The Most Common Racing Bets

Online Racing Betting - Horse, Motor, Harness & Greyhound

Every race has a favourite, but there's no guarantee that the favourite will always win the race when online gambling. Sure, betting on the favourite results in a win more often than not but short odds mean that you have to put a significant amount of AUD down to see a decent return.

Take a chance on a horse, dog or driver with longer odds and, even with a very small bet, you can make some serious money gambling online. Many Aussies who choose to avoid betting on the favourite will place much smaller bets on several long shots.

Another exciting betting option for racing when online gambling is to bet on Favourite Vs Field. This involves placing a bet either that the favourite will win or that one of the other participants will. It's a nice option for players who, for whatever reason, aren't sold on the favourite but aren't sure who they think will beat them.

Types Of Racing To Bet On

There's a huge variety of different types of racing events to bet on:

  • Horse racing
  • Motor racing
  • Harness racing
  • Greyhounds

Of the above, the first two types of racing online gambling are more prestigious, and you'll find big name, international events to wager AUD on. If you want to bet more regularly, you might prefer the latter two types of racing.

Although, with gambling sites taking bets on events all over the world, you can almost always find an event to bet on whichever type of racing you prefer.

Placing Bets When Online Gambling On Racing

We provide live odds on all racing events that are currently happening, with the best odds and the best returns. We also provide a free bet of up to $250 for new users, matching the initial deposit you make to your account.

Just use the links and banners provided.

Greyhound Racing
With thousands of greyhound tracks all over the world, you can place a bet at virtually any time with no need to get dressed and head down to the track.
Harness Racing
There are harness races held all over Australia, and you can make live bets on all of them with great odds right here.
Horse Racing
You can bet on horse racing events across Australia, including the Autumn Carnival, and all over the world. Races don't last long, so things get very tense very quickly!
Motor Racing
Petrolheads are sure to love the thrill of betting on Formula 1, Speedway and V8 Supercar events. You'll find great odds here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of races can I bet on online?

There are all sorts of races you can bet on online, from the 100m Olympic sprints to the Tour de France cycling event. When it comes to Australian punters though, the most popular racing bets tend to come from one of the following: horse racing; motor racing; greyhound racing and harness racing. Our recommended betting sites allow Aussie punters to use their knowledge of these to make a profit from real money online sports wagers.

Where will I be able to play online?

There are a multitude of online betting sites offering markets on racing, with horse racing in particular being a traditional mainstay of the gambling industry. Australian clients are welcome at the trusted and secure sites listed on these pages, where you will be able to place bets online using your desktop or mobile devices, as well as following races live as they play out.

How do the odds work?

Favorites for racing events are generally to be found at odds on for fields of 6 or less, although for some of the major horse racing meets there is value all over the place as winners are harder to predict. Most racing bettors like to consider each way bets which pay out for places, as well as multiple linked bets where a combination of winners must come in for the wager to pay out.

Can racing bets be profitable?

There are a number of full-time professional sports bettors around the world, with horse racing a particular favorite among that class. Australian bettors can certainly cash in by applying local knowledge and experience to profit from the more niche areas of racing such as lower tier motor racing and harness racing.

How much is it possible to win?

There is no limit on how much can be won from sports betting, and racing bets are no different. There are many millionaires who earned their fortunes from the race-tracks and dog-tracks of the world by implementing a cocktail of knowledge, experience, education and a little dash of good luck along the way.

Is it possible to watch races live online?

As technology marches onwards more online casinos are offering live streaming of live races for their customers. It is often necessary to have a funded account in order to view the more popular races, and sometimes gambling sites will require that the player has a bet on a particular race in order to be able to follow it live. If live streaming pictures are not available then most top sports betting sites will offer a graphical representation of the race instead so you can follow along at home.

Are games fixed?

Over the years there have been various race results which have raised a few eyebrows, but in general terms the major sports are not fixed and there is nothing to fear in that regard. Reputable sports betting sites like the ones you will see mentioned on these pages are certainly not corrupt in any way, and are tightly regulated to ensure that they pay out promptly and fairly.