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Victoria is the smallest state on the Australian mainland, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t many places for you to get online and place your bets! As long there’s a will and Wi-Fi, there’s a way! If you’re surfing the net in Melbourne or playing pokies in Portland, there is an abundance of outlets at your fingertips and we know all of the best ones, with the best bonuses, best game experience and best jackpots! Here’s a quick low down of online gambling in Victoria:

  • Home of Crown Casino that hosts 3,500 slot machines
  • Casinos regulated by the Victorian Commission for Gambling Regulation
  • Residents can access sites on and offshore

Our experts have scoured the net to come up with the very best sites for online gambling Victoria players have access to. All these sites offer you real money, in real time, with no glitches! Let us show you the sites that get you the dosh that you want, not just pennies to pass the time.

In a state that is home to one of the most famous horse races in the world, the Melbourne Cup, having a flutter is pretty much a part of the culture in good ol’ Vic, so expand your horizons and look to further outletsfor gambling online.

Victoria Gambling Regulation

Victoria Online Gambling - Betting Sites For Victoria 2024

In short – can you do it? Yes! The slightly longer version is that it is not legal in Australia for online outfits to offer gambling facilities to Aussie citizens and The Interactive Gambling Act of 2001 dictates that online casinos cannot offer online gaming facilities Victoria residents, so looking further afield than our sandy shores is part and parcel of being able to gamble online.

We Aussies can still have a blast as accessing sites that are licensed to offer us a gambling outlet are far from illegal, and many overseas parties have taken advantage of the gap in the market, gained the licenses and decided to cater just to us. Not too shabby!

Finding the Best Online Gambling Sites in Victoria

Now that you understand that you’re no longer a crime for wanting to do some online gambling in Victoria and Australia, the next step is finding the right place to do it. Don’t worry, we know just where to send you. Our team works tirelessly to source the very best sites that offer online gambling facilities to Australians in 2024. We have compiled a comprehensive list that ensures all outlets are fair, reputable and give users the very best experience, bonuses and opportunity to win real money.

London to a brick we will show you the best places for what you’re looking for. By actively comparing on a rolling, regular basis to update our online casinos, we are one of the most comprehensive sources for you to find an exciting and reputable casino to play in.

Want those all-important deposit bonuses? Most people who visit our site are looking for a kickback when they offer their loyalty to an online casino, so deposit bonuses are everywhere! We have gone through them all with a fine tooth comb and matched each bonus to different requirements.

Safety First

Don’t just dive in; make sure that you double check everything before you sign up and part with your dosh – we do security checks here and its simply good Internet safety practice for you to conduct your own on top of them. Go for sites that allow you to use the Australian dollar and don’t have to convert from GBP or USD – the sites that make you do this are making a sneaky little commission from you exchanging and, whilst it may seem like nothing now, if you score a big win, your pocket will feel it when you lose a portion!

It goes without saying that when making any financial transactions gambling online, you should always look for the padlock at the bottom of the web browser – the same applies with online gambling. Victoria gaming is safe, obviously, but just make sure that the server is secure before you even think of parting with your dollars. Don’t use a banking system that you’re not 100% sure of, and if possible, only use ones that you are familiar with. If you have no other options, then research, and take a look at our comprehensive list of online gambling banking systems that are readily available.