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Live Dealer Online Gambling 2024 - Real Dealer Casinos

Live dealer games are a hot commodity right now in the world of Aussie online gambling. For many players live dealer online casinos are the ultimate choice, uniting the best aspects of brick and mortar casinos with the best aspects of online casino. Certainly, it’s a winning combination that has gained a loyal following and much success in 2024. Some would argue that nothing beats the real deal – walking into a buzzing casino, choosing your game of choice, sitting eye-to-eye with the other players and letting waitresses ply you with copious amounts of alcohol. But whip off your rose-tinted glasses – what about the travel costs? The time wasted getting there? The expensive food brought along the way? And then there is the casino itself which is ridiculously busy most of the time where you likely won’t get to play a game for a while. Our listed live dealer casinos offer Aussie players:

  • An unbeatable playing experience with real cards and real spins, winning real AUS
  • Experienced, friendly croupiers, happy to chat in real-time
  • A wide range of real-money live dealer casino games
  • Fast, reliable video streaming
  • Sophisticated software and trusted security
  • Easy to use AUS deposit options for seamless play

Many find entering a casino an unnerving experience – a place not all players feel comfortable enough to thoroughly enjoy playing or concentrate on winning decent AUD. It’s a no-brainer then that introducing a living-breathing-100% authentic dealer via webcam to your home is going to create one hell of an online gambling experience. Watch them spin the wheel in a round of roulette, deal real cards in a game of blackjack and even chat to the croupier!

Getting Started

Just a few years ago live dealer online gambling was an unknown thing, with just a small smattering of online casinos offering these games. However in 2024 nearly all the good online casinos offer Australians the opportunity to experience the draw of a card, or the spin of the wheel first hand, with a vast range of games and stakes when gambling online. To get started you’ll need a decent Internet connection and a Mac or a PC – exactly the same as if you were playing any other kind of online gambling. From here you choose the casino and game of your choice. For the best available casinos for Aussie players, see our recommendations. You will then be presented with a live-stream coming over the airways from a legitimate land-based casino. Watch the croupier get things started via the webcam, watch his shuffle the cards (no need for a Random Number Generator here!) and hear him talk to the players.

Depending on the game you are playing, the croupier will ask players to place their bets. These are placed in much the same way you would expect with any online game, except of course the difference here is that a real person is handling the action and not a computer. If you’re playing blackjack – the croupier will deal real cards to ‘you’, these will then appear on your screen for you to hit or stand. If it’s roulette you’re playing, select your spots on a virtual table before the dealer spins a real ball on a real wheel. Once it comes to a stop, the dealer will announce its position and the computer will work out the winnings.

Live Dealer Baccarat live-dealer hub background Live Dealer Baccarat icon image

Live Dealer Baccarat

It’s James Bond’s favourite game, and now you can experience the thrill of playing baccarat with a live dealer at many of Australia’s best online casinos.

Live Dealer Blackjack live-dealer hub background Live Dealer Blackjack icon image

Live Dealer Blackjack

Of all the table games, blackjack is probably the most popular. Now online casino players can add an extra element of realism to their experience, thanks to live dealers.

Live Dealer Hold'em live-dealer hub background Live Dealer Hold'em icon image

Live Dealer Hold'em

Live dealer hold’em is becoming more and more popular in Australia, thanks to its excitement and the opportunities to win some impressive amounts of cash.

Live Dealer Roulette live-dealer hub background Live Dealer Roulette icon image

Live Dealer Roulette

The excitement of playing roulette at an online casino is higher than ever, thanks to the live dealers, who bring you even closer to the action.

Which Games To Play

Although we have mentioned live roulette and live blackjack above, these are by no means the only games available to enthusiasts looking to play live dealer casino games. Below we have a quick look at the other most sought-after games available to Aussies gambling online.

First up is Live Texas Hold’em. Similar to poker, both the dealer and the player are dealt two cards face down. The aim being to make the best hand from the two dealt cards as well as a set of five community cards dealt into the middle, face up. Bets are places on the odds of your own hand improving against that of the dealer’s hand. Beat the dealers hand and you’ll be pulling in the money. Texas Hold’em is a great game to place with a live dealer, as it really is a game between just you and them.

Live Baccarat is another classic to find its way onto the live screen. Again this is another game perfect for the setting – see your opponent face-to-face as you bet on making the best hand with your two dealt cards.

Are There Any Downsides To Live Dealer?

In our opinion the pros far outweigh the cons. Real wheels, real cards and real dealers top a computer any day. Plus with a live dealer shuffling your cards, you can forget your fears about the legitimacy of the Internet casino’s RNG (Random Number Generator) and dodgy software for online gambling. Got a question about the rules, want some advice or simply want to chat? Type it into the live chat box and the dealer will respond!

However, as we mentioned before you do need a decent Internet connection and fast computer to get the most out of these types of games. Gameplay tends to be slower too, especially if you’re used to a classic online version. The last thing to be aware of is that they can have higher betting limits than standard versions of the same game.

Finding The Best Online Live Dealer sites

Does this kind of action sound good to you? Then consider taking a look at our recommended live dealer sites. By choosing one of these online gambling casinos you can guarantee a wide range of games, professional attentive dealers, quality video streaming, fast cash out times, streamline payment options and overall the best gaming experience possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do live dealer games work?

Live Dealer games have enjoyed a surge in popularity in recent years, as they combine the best of real life and online casino play. Play for real cash money from Australia and watch HD quality video of real croupiers streaming direct to your computer or mobile device. You win or lose based on the turn of a card or spin of a roulette wheel from the croupiers at this live streaming casino, and play using your online betting account.

What is the difference from regular online versions?

A regular online game of blackjack or roulette or any other casino table game is powered by a random number generator, which is basically a computer programme designed for the purpose. A live dealer version of the same game introduces the human element, as real professional croupiers deal the cards and spin the wheel live in front of you on your computer screen.

What casino game variations can be played?

Live dealer versions of games are more expensive for casinos than the virtual versions, but due to their growing popularity there are more and more live dealer games available every year. Our recommended casinos offer live dealer versions of classic games such as roulette, blackjack, baccarat and hold ‘em.

Which sites can I play at?

Check out the sites recommended on these pages to find some great live dealer options. Internationally recognized online casinos like offer an immersive live dealer experience tailor made for Australian players.

Will I be able to use live dealer games on a mobile?

Live dealer mode is available on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets as well as on your desktop. This means you can log on and play on a live dealer table for real cash money from your phone in Australia, any time of day or night.

Can I be sure that the games are fair?

Every site recommended on these pages is regulated and subject to regular independent testing to ensure that games are fair and pay out correctly. Online live dealer casinos are independently monitored by bodies such as eCOGRA to ensure that these games pay out fairly and correctly. You can rest assured that if we recommend an online betting site that you can play safely and securely online.

Will my internet connection be up to it?

It is definitely the case that live dealer games use up more bandwidth than normal virtual games, so you need a decent Internet connection and fast computer to get the most out of these types of games. Make sure to keep other windows and tabs shut so as to minimize the possibility of disconnecting when you are in the middle of a live dealer game, and start by playing for small stakes until you are sure your internet connection is up to the job.