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NBA Betting Online in 2024 - Bet on Basketball at Top Sites

With its gravity-defying slam dunks, stunning three-pointers, and towering superstars, the NBA continues to grow on a global scale. While NBA online gambling has been popular in the USA for close to two decades, it's now making its mark in Australia. LeBron James and Stephen Curry are household names from Sydney to Perth. If you think you know basketball and enjoy online gambling, NBA action is available right now.

Although most leading gambling sites provide NBA sports betting, there's no sense selecting a site at random. Our experts have done extensive research to find the top sports betting sites for Australians. If you're looking for the best online gambling NBA opportunities, you'll want to head straight to our recommended sports books. Here's what to expect when you log on:

  • Great NBA online gambling odds all season long
  • Convenient banking methods for Australians
  • A great sign up bonus that will boost your bankroll

A High Scoring Affair

Compared to other games, basketball is a full-blown scoring frenzy. Teams frequently score a hundred points or more a piece. While critics will tell you that the game is filled with high flying theatrics, we think that's part of its appeal. When betting, sports fans often tune in during the fourth quarter since the game often feels like a bit of a see-saw ride with large leads evaporating before your eyes. Yet when enjoying online gambling, NBA sports betting can get your heart racing for the duration of the game. You might say it's the perfect match for online sports betting.

Uncomplicated Online Sports Betting

Part of NBA basketball's appeal is the simplicity of the game. The rules are easy to understand even if you've never played or watched previously. It's that same lack of complication that makes it perfect for sports betting even in Australia. You'll have no trouble getting familiar with the superstars and choosing your favourite team, even if their home court is 15 000 km away. Speaking of arenas, home court advantage does matter in basketball. The crowds tend to factor into the games more than you might expect. That's particularly true during the playoffs, which are always top draws at the best sports betting websites.

Unequal Footing On The Court

Although 16 of the NBA's 30 teams make the playoffs, poor seeds rarely succeed. In fact, the top teams tend to dominate for years at a time and command the most attention at the best NBA online gambling bookmakers.

NBA betting has its shares of sure things. The Golden State Warriors only lost 9 of their 82 regular season games in 2015-16.

Teams like the Golden State Warriors and San Antonio Spurs are perennial favourites. LeBron James single-handedly made both the Miami Heat and Cleveland Cavaliers relevant simply by dawning their respective jerseys. Yet at the same time NBA sports betting against the Philadelphia 76ers proved to be a smart move in 2024.

NBA Online Gambling FAQ

How does basketball betting work?

NBA sports betting is just like wagering on any other major US league. You can wager on individual games or the outcome of a playoff series, as well as individual player performances and a variety of other prop bets. Spread bets, which factor in the margin of victory, are the most common but you can also gamble on the outright winner. Over under bets are also a popular form of NBA online gambling. That's where you predict whether the total points scored is higher or lower than a specified amount.

Is basketball betting legal?

Although Australian firms aren't legally allowed to offer many forms of gambling on the internet, sports wagering is currently 100% legal. This includes basketball sports betting on the web. Although some Aussies prefer to play abroad, many of the best sports betting sites are located in Australia. What's even better is they are fully licenced and regulated. Wherever you play, make sure your bookmaker lets you enjoy online gambling NBA action in Australian dollars.

How do the odds work?

NBA odds are most commonly displayed in an American format that may look confusing at first glance. If you see the Nuggets -120 and Rockets +105 that means you'll need to wager $120 on the Nuggets to make a $100 profit. At the same time a $100 wager on the Rockets will net you a $105 profit. The secret is to pay attention to the minus and plus signs with the former denoting the favourite. Many sites let you view the odds in decimal format if you prefer.

How do the betting lines work?

Betting lines aren't just limited to the odds described above. NBA online gambling enthusiasts will typically find spreads and money lines. Spreads factor in a margin of victory, which means you won't be wagering on an outright winner. For example, you might see Spurs -3 -110 and Grizzlies +3 -110. In this scenario the Spurs will need to win by more than three points for bets to pay out. Yet if the Grizzlies lose by a couple points, they'll be considered the winners as far as the spread goes. Due to the presence of the negative sign beside 110, you'll need to wager $110 to make a $100 profit.

What games & tournaments can I bet on?

The top sports betting sites let you bet on every regular season and playoff game. With 30 teams playing 82 regular season games, there's lots of online gambling NBA action from late October through April. Yet things really heat up in late April and throughout May on the road to the finals in June.

Does overtime count?

Overtime is quite common in basketball. As a result, the vast majority of NBA sports betting sites do consider overtime when determining who the winner is. This typically applies to money lines, spread bets, and even wagers on game totals. When enjoying online gambling, NBA punters will want to read the rules on their particular site to avoid any confusion.

Can I watch the games live online?

Half the fun of basketball betting is watching the excitement as it plays out on the court. Fortunately, the best sports betting sites let you stream the games live at no cost. If you are a hard-core basketball fan, you can also sign up for NBA League Pass. When betting, sports like the NBA might not be compatible with your schedule. Don't forget to factor in the time difference.

Can NBA sports betting be profitable?

Like most forms of sports online gambling, NBA betting can be challenging. Yet with a few truly dominant teams, some outcomes are easy to predict. Of course it always pays to do NBA online gambling research. If you follow the league, keep tabs on injuries, and pore through a few key stats, you may find you have a knack for NBA online sports betting.