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If you're looking for a guide to the basics of poker, including how to play, you're in the wrong place! We do have a [guide for poker newcomers] elsewhere, but this page is designed for players who are looking to improve their skills with some online poker tips. Online gambling (Australia and elsewhere) fans should read on.

Keep Your Eye On The Clock

Top Poker Tips - Expert Tips To Improve At Online Poker

One of the biggest differences between offline poker and online poker is that time is much more of an important factor in the latter.

Take your time making your move in a land-based venue and the worst you'll get is a bit of grumbling from your opponents. Take too long to make your move on an Australia online gambling site that offers poker and, if someone has placed a bet, your hand will fold automatically.

For this reason, it's best to avoid distractions when you're playing online poker; get caught up watching a chase scene in a film or talking to the wife and you might just end up folding pocket Aces.

Using the clock to your advantage is one of our most important online poker tips. Online gambling, Australia-based and elsewhere, fans can get over-excited sometimes and they lose out as a result.

Let's say you have a fantastic hand. Calling someone's bet or raising straight away will make it obvious that you have a great hand and they'll probably fold, while delaying your response will make it look like you're seriously thinking about whether or not to stay in.

If you're lucky, your opponents might get cocky and start raising big. That's your chance to make some real money.

Watch Out For Tells

You might think it's a major downside that you can't try to discern physical tells exhibited by your opponents when you're playing poker at online betting sites. Actually, many poker experts say that it's only the weakest of beginners who give themselves up with tells like twitches or nervous habits.

Instead, you're better off tracking the betting habits of your opponents. Look for things like:

  • How often your opponents choose to go in on hands
  • What kind of hands they play
  • How often they raise, as opposed to just calling bets
  • The kind of hands they have when they raise, and how often they bluff

The above won't enable you to win 100% of the time, because other players may be sending out false signals (more on that below) to confuse you, but they may help you from making silly mistakes.

Obscure Your Own Experience

It's a safe bet that other players will be trying to do to you what you're trying to do to them i.e. figure out how often you bluff, raise etc. For this reason, we recommend mixing up how you play every now and then.

For example, even if you're not a big bluffer you could raise a poor hand a few times to make people think you are (and goad them into betting big when you have a good hand). Or if you don't usually bet pre-flop, and I don't blame you when playing for real money, throw the odd bet in there to keep your opponents guessing.

Look At Your Stats

The real trick to online poker, online gambling in general come to think of it, is practice. That's why, in the early days at least, it makes sense to stick with lower stakes tables until you've found your rhythm.

Online poker sites gather all sorts of statistics (hey, it is 2015 after all) about your play that can help you see when you've done just that. Look at things like your win %, your level of profit etc. This won't necessarily help you win more hands, but your stats might tell you something about your losses.

If you're losing consistently, with a win % of less than 20%, stick to the low stakes tables until you start to improve. Once you've done that, it's time to see if you can hit the big time. Just click any of the links to be taken to one of the best poker sites for Australia online gambling around!