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Whether you know the game as soccer, football, or footy, as the Brits affectionately call it, there's no denying it's the biggest sport in the world. It's loved by billions and played in fields on every corner of the planet as well as in the world's largest stadiums. In the realm of gambling, soccer is an industry all its own. Even in Australia, where the sport plays second, third, and even fourth fiddle to rugby, AFL, and cricket, soccer online gambling is still huge.

If you're even remotely interested in soccer sports betting, the internet is the place to be. From the A-League to the FIFA World Cup, the best action is at top sports betting sites. Our sports wagering experts have tested, compared, and reviewed dozens of licenced online gambling sites. Soccer sports betting is available at all our recommended bookmakers. Here's what to expect when you log on:

  • Soccer betting for matches and tournaments on every continent
  • Instant deposits and fast payouts for Australians
  • A generous welcome package that will reward you for signing up

Experience A-League Soccer Sports Betting

Soccer Betting Online 2024 - Top Sites for Football Bets in AUS

After a dozen years of existence, the A-League is finally getting the international attention it deserves from spectators and soccer sports betting enthusiasts. With a 27-round season and playoff tournament, there are great soccer online gambling opportunities from spring through autumn. The A-League might be known as Australia's top soccer league, but it actually includes 9 Aussie clubs and one from New Zealand.

The A-League isn't the end of the line. Top clubs can qualify for the AFC Champions League, which covers both east and west Asia. When online gambling, soccer fans know full well that there is both drama and plenty of continuity.

FIFA World Cup

In the realm of online gambling, soccer punting doesn't get any more massive than the FIFA World Cup of Soccer. It's always a top draw on the best sports betting sites, even among gamblers who don't follow soccer. There's so much hype and exposure that you can become an expert by accident.

Of course FIFA has had its share of scandals with host cities bribing executives for the privilege of landing the event. That shouldn't pose a threat to gamblers at the best sports betting sites, unless you are wagering where future cups will be held.

Soccer Sports Betting FAQ

How popular is football betting?

Compared to other forms of online gambling, soccer betting isn't that popular in Australia. Yet that's only because people are spending their sports betting money on cricket, rugby, and other brands of football. Yet in Europe, Africa, Asia, and South America, soccer is among the top betting sports. Still there is enough soccer sports betting action online that Australians can expect excellent odds. As the game grows in stature, soccer online sports betting continues to flourish.

Is soccer betting legal?

Like other varieties of sports online gambling, soccer betting is legal in Australia. Current laws prohibit placing bets while games are underway, but you can legally place bets prior to kick-off. Just make sure you stick to licensed internet bookmakers like any of our top sports betting sites for Aussies.

What tournaments, leagues & games can I bet on?

The best sports betting sites give you access to just about every significant tournament, league, and game anywhere in the world. Enjoy Australian A-League and NPL betting. Sports fans can cast their nets far and wide with UEFA competitions, Bundesliga, English Premier League, World Cup qualifiers, Euro 2016, US MLS, AFC Champions League, South African National First Division, Spanish La Linga, and dozens of other contests. You can even bet on Romanian Ladies if you like.

How do sports betting odds work?

In Australia, the best sports betting sites use decimal format. For example, in a Hume City versus Port Melbourne Sharks match, you might find odds of Hume City 2.1 Draw 3.2 Port Melbourne Sharks 2.5. To calculate your potential winnings when sports betting, just multiply your wager by the posted odds. For example, a $100 wager would net you $210 on Hume City, $320 on a draw, and $250 on the Port Melbourne Sharks. These numbers are the total amount you'll receive if you win. Don't forget to subtract your initial $100 wager from your winnings to tabulate your profit.

How are online sports betting odds calculated?

Soccer sports betting odds show you which way the money is flowing. Sites adjust the odds so they can increase their chances of making a profit. While they may initially reflect the likelihood of a particular team winning, as they shift they give you a consensus of what other punters are thinking.

What are betting lines?

Sports betting lines are a variation of the odds we discussed above except they factor in a margin of victory. For example, you might see something along the lines of Richmond (+0.5) 1.62 Bulleen Lions (-0.5) 1.9. The numbers in brackets indicate the handicap for each team, while the odds are expressed outside the parenthesis. By betting on Richmond, you'll win if they win the game or come within half a goal, which would constitute a draw. Likewise, in order for a bet on the Bulleen Lions to pay out, they need to win by more than half a goal. Some sites also offer betting lines that provide odds for a handicap draw.

Do betting systems work?

Most betting systems don't work, especially ones that come with hefty price tags and make lofty promises. There are definitely valuable tips out there, but we would steer clear of systems in general. Even the best statistical models don't do much better than picking teams at random or trying to play the odds. In the end knowledge about the game and a little bankroll management is probably the best online sports betting strategy. This applies to soccer online gambling as well as other sports bets.

Can it be profitable?

In the world of online gambling, soccer can be profitable. Successful sports wagering isn't strictly a matter of chance and there are professional gamblers who make a living grinding and working the odds. At the end of the day it's best not to give up your day job. We recommend playing for fun and refrain from risking anymore than you can reasonably afford to lose. Planning for the worst case scenario will give you soccer online gambling stamina. With longevity, your odds of hitting the jackpot increase. You can't expect to win if you end up permanently sidelined as soon as the season starts.