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Gambling on the AFL in 2024 - Top Sports Betting Guide

The AFL isn't just our national treasure, it's famous all over the world. Sports fans around the globe are fascinated by intensity and excitement of Australian Rules football. The AFL is simply the pinnacle of what is arguably the greatest game on the planet. It's also an excellent option when online gambling. AFL games are widely available on the internet. More importantly, AFL sports betting might just give you the best shot to win big.

If you're ready to put your money where your mouth is and showcase your knowledge, we've got great AFL online gambling in store. Here's what you'll find at the best sports betting sites:

  • The best odds with more ways to bet on every match
  • A large sign up bonus for new players like you
  • Fully regulated and licenced action so you can play safely

AFL Online Sports Betting Down Under

Doing what you love isn't just a great philosophy for life. It's also a fantastic approach to betting. If you live, breathe, and dream about the AFL, sports betting on anything else doesn't make much sense. As a knowledgeable fan of the AFL, online gambling shouldn't be perplexing by any measure. You already know the players, clubs, and can talk for hours about who will win this year's Finals Series. Why not grab a few dollars, have even more fun, and potentially win some money in the process?

Seizing AFL Online Gambling Opportunities

Compared to other forms of online gambling, AFL bets are brimming with promise. Not only can you wager on any of the league's 18 teams all season long, but that's just the beginning at top sports betting sites in Australia. You can wager on all sorts of futures even before the season starts. Who will miss the top 8, make the final 8, and win the flag?

AFL online gambling odds can swing as you approach game day. Be sure to grab great odds while you can.

When gambling online, AFL punters can wager on individual player accomplishments, the score at half time, total goals, and countless other markets. The best part is that you'll find more betting opportunities and superior odds at top online sports betting websites.

Make Your Best Bets Online

If you haven't noticed, the world has moved online. Why head to your local bookmaker when there's great online gambling. AFL lovers already know they'll find more betting markets and superior odds at the best sports betting sites. Yet you can also count on a better overall experience.

Our AFL sports betting experts have reviewed, compared and tested dozens of sites to find the top places to bring your bankroll. Don't mess around with pounds and euros at offshore sites. When you visit our top online gambling sites, AFL sports betting is available in AUD. You'll be able to deposit funds instantly using your favourite banking methods. What's even better is you'll be paid quickly too. When betting, sports fans can also count on outstanding customer service and great bonuses. Why take your chances elsewhere? The best sports betting online gambling fans can find is right here on your computer, smartphone, and tablet.

AFL Gambling Online FAQ

How does AFL betting work?

AFL betting is a cakewalk. Just visit any of our top rated online sports betting sites to create your account. After depositing funds, browse the available AFL fixtures. You'll find them listed under the AFL or Australian rules tab depending on your chosen site. When you see a bet you like, just click on the odds to add it to your betting card, enter the amount of your wager, and click confirm to submit your bet. That's all there is to it. You'll be paid at the end of the game if you're a winner.

Is AFL sports betting legal?

AFL online gambling is fully legal in Australia. Despite a prohibition on many forms of internet wagering, sports betting is permissible. Just make sure you stick to bookmakers that are fully licensed and regulated. If you aren't sure where to start check out any of our top recommendations.

How do the odds work?

AFL odds are listed in decimal format. If you see Brisbane 1.85 Sydney 1.22 that means if you wager $10 on Brisbane, you'll stand to win $18.50 if your team wins. Likewise, a $10 Sydney bet pays $12.22. Keep in mind that these dollar amounts include your original bet, so the actual potential profit would be $8.50 and $2.22 respectively.

What are betting lines?

When betting, sports fans often prefer to wager on what's known as the line. Betting lines factor in a margin of victory rather than just the outright winner. For example, if you see a line that reads Melbourne (+13.5) 1.91 Western Bulldogs (-13.5) 1.91, you can win $19.10 off a $10 bet by wagering on either team yet there's a catch. Take a look at the numbers in parenthesis, which indicate the handicap. In order for the Bulldogs to be the winner, they'll need to win by at least 13.5 points. At the same time, Melbourne will be considered victorious if they lose by fewer than 13.5 points. When you visit online gambling sites, AFL sports betting gives you the power to create your own lines for added value.

What games can I bet on?

When enjoying online gambling, AFL fanatics can bet on every match. Wager on the NAB Challenge, all 23 rounds of the Premiership season, qualify elimination finals, semi-finals, preliminary finals, and the AFL Grand Final. Bet for or against any team at top sports betting sites in Australia.

Is it possible to watch AFL fixtures online?

You can definitely watch live games on the internet. Just download the official AFL Live app to stream games to your favourite device. Some gambling sites also offer bettors free live streaming directly on site.

Can AFL betting be profitable?

AFL sports wagering can definitely be profitable. Chances are you're already an Australian Football League expert. Why not put your knowledge to the best online gambling sites? AFL sports betting is big business, which means you can expect excellent odds as various sites try to earn your patronage. With so many different ways to wager, it's easier to hedge your bets and develop a successful strategy. Keep in mind that like all forms of punting, it pays to play responsibly. You never know what can happen, so only wager money that you can afford to lose.

How do the opportunities compare to other leagues?

Compared to any other form of sports online gambling, AFL action offers players the most betting opportunities. You'll not only be able to wager on every match, but the average game has a couple hundred different markets. Bet on everything from the number of disposals a particular player gets to the time of the first goal kick. The possibilities really are endless, provided you stick to our recommended AFL online gambling sites.