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Wentworth Park is home to some great Greyhound racing events. This venue has been holding greyhound races since the early 1930s and continues to add fun entertainment to its long lasting legacy. Over the past decade the Wentworth Sports Complex has done some necessary renovations to accommodate the growing interest in the races. Changing the race days to Friday and Saturday has made the races more accessible to the social spectrum of the city. This has been one of the most effective methods of reigniting the greyhound race culture. They have multiple events passing through the illustrious complex.

What to Expect

Wentworth Park Guide - All About Wentworth Park

There are competitive races held every Wednesday and every weekend at the Wentworth Sports Complex that entertains thousands of the city’s patrons. Glebe is a beautiful backdrop to the complex and accommodates the customers with readily available race options where you can place your bets simply and easily. The race results are posted online as soon as the final times are tallied so if you have to leave before your race starts you will be able to come back and receive your winnings accordingly. Races start promptly so early arrival is suggested.


The Wentworth Sports Complex offers great opportunities for businesses and individuals in the area to take advantage of sponsorships for marketing and promotion purposes. An individual can sponsor a race for as low as $400 which includes naming the Greyhound race, handing out the trophy at the end of the race and promotion of the race event in all local and area news publications. This is also true for corporate sponsors who want to reach a wider audience can also utilize their weekly platform to get their corporation out to a larger scale. The diversity in the Wentworth Park patrons allows for a diverse reach.

Food and Entertainment

Wentworth Sports Complex lies in the heart of Downtown Glebe and has immediate access to close to 1900 pubs in NSW alone. The nights of the races also allows for enjoyment of the complexes bistro and bars. The bistro is opened on the Saturday night events alone but serves some of the best cuisine in the area.

You can also receive finger food service for $30 and schedule your group to be served throughout the night as you enjoy your evening at the park. This option works well with a regular group who enjoys the ambiance and would rather stay and enjoy the complex rather than go sit exclusively at the bistro or other restaurant solutions.

Ted’s Lounge is the main food attraction at the Wentworth Sports Complex and is perfect for a date or a group of friends who want to eat and converse while enjoying the dog races. It is enclosed by a white picket fence and shows off the allure of exquisite dining for every race event. This is better reserved due to the high demand.

Wentworth Park is rich with history and attractions that keep people coming back each and every week. Their continuous popularity is a compliment to their ability to keep their fans and supporters happy upon arrival. Timely betting and a fun environment has kept them around over 80 years and with the new renaissance they are going through it doesn’t seem like the end is close. They plan events ahead of schedule so make sure you get your reservations in to ensure you can take advantage of all the benefits that come from the state of the art racing venue. For anyone who enjoys a good greyhound race you will have the experience of a lifetime at the Wentworth Park of Glebe. Their website highlights all upcoming events as they happen.