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Hobart Racing Club Guide - Everything You Need To Know

What’s Offered

There is a dining area that is provided to those that come to the races, and are part of the club. In addition to this, there is also a bar that is open and available at all hours during the race days for those that wish to have a cool drink during the race. Snacks are available throughout the dining area, instead of full on meals for those that would enjoy something quick to eat during the race, instead of a four course entree.

Catering can be available on specific days when booked in advance. A full menu is provided to those that would like to use these services, as well as the use of the dining hall for their special occasion on the days that the races are not being held during the year.

Joining the Club

There are multiple levels that a person is able to take advantage of when they are looking to become a member with the club. The gold and silver memberships are available for a premium monthly price, while the higher elite series memberships include more, and cost a decent amount more. However, these top spots within the club welcome just about anyone and can ensure that each person has a special placement during race day.

Events are held every weekend, and sometimes during the week on Thursdays. Depending on the schedule, when your cash is put down during the races, the winner is able to make much more off of their money. With many members that are betting on the dogs, the amount may or may not increase with the amount of bets that are put down on the tables.

The Races

Each dog is housed within the same block on the strip, and veterinary services are always available during each of the races to ensure that the dogs get the best care. In addition to this, the space is air conditioned, and the owners are welcomed in and out of the kennels, as needed. During the race, there are rules that have to be adhered too and each of the dogs have to be in good health in order to race. This is decided upon by the judges and committee members for the club. They can choose which dogs race.

Whether you’re searching for somewhere to spend your time, or you want an exciting race; Hobart Racing Club provides those people with the chance to have them both. They provide the top notch measures to ensure that their visitors enjoy their time with the club whether they are dining, watching the races or just spending time with the other members of the club that frequent often. Once you find a favorite racing dog, you will not want to put your money down on another one until yours retires. Make sure to make a day out of the races with Hobart Racing Club. This is where you’re able to find out the speed and endurance that comes from the Greyhounds that race around the track here.