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The Legends of the Track

Canberra Racing Club - Our Guide For Australian Fans

The track welcomes legends that have won the races throughout the years. Rampion, one of the leading contesters on the track keeps winning race after race, and continues to beat out all of the competition, the new and the old. Many members join just to see Rampion race, and to put their money down on the prized dog that keeps winning them all.

The Events that are Held

With multiple events being held at Canberra Racing Club, such as their May bash, Christmas races and other holiday themed events; being a member means you have access to all of these events where races happen, the prize money is much larger and the fun is greater all around. Through the use of these events, Canberra Racing Club is able to get much more attention from those that are new, and interested in the greyhound racing field. Local pubs, restaurants and small businesses get in on the action with many of these events, making them some of the largest throughout the area.

In addition to putting on events for the members and the trainers of the dogs, they also do a lot of fundraising opportunities for the community. This helps to raise awareness for the community, while also collecting donations that help with multiple problems.

If you have an event that you’d like to host at the club, they allow you to rent the space that they have available for a fee. This provides enough space for a large party to have a good time within a fully functional, and beautiful space that has been renovated for parties, gatherings and events.

The Races

The races are provided to the general public with seats starting at $5 a spot. In addition, those that are members with the club also have seats for free, since it is included with their membership fees. They also get access to the box seats, as well as other front row seating arrangements, access to the bar and dining areas, the catering and also the use of the halls when they are not being used by the club during race days and times when events are happening. Those that have race dogs with the track are welcomed as members, and are provided with an air conditioned space for their dog, while also having on-site veterinarian care at all times during the races.

There is a full schedule for Canberra Racing Club for the ongoing races that happen throughout the year that you’re more than welcome to print from the website. This allows you to know who is racing, what the wages are and when the races are. You never will miss another race again with the help of the calendar.

Whether you’re coming to put your money down on the racing dogs, or are just interested in learning more about becoming a member; the Canberra Racing Club welcomes one and all. With a low entrance fee for becoming a member, you can have all of the perks that come with being a part of their group. Watch the dogs, bring guests and make the most of your time throughout the racing club that welcomes everyone.