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By Simon Carling
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Despite being known as the Sunshine State and home to four excellent casinos, gambling online to win real money is catching up with treading the Queensland casino carpets. The massive offering of pokie machines and roulette tables that are available online is radically growing in appeal to residents. A quick low down of gambling in Queensland:

  • Residents can take their pick from 4 live casinos with more than 3,500 slots
  • Unlicensed gaming sites unable to operate, leaving overseas sites free to reign
  • Queensland residents able to use overseas sites
  • Live casinos overseen by the state Office of Gambling Regulation

Queensland Gambling Regulation

Queensland Gambling Guide 2023 - Online & Live Gambling

As stated above, unlicensed gaming sites are unable to operate in Queensland. If you’re an Aussie in residence in Queensland you can still log on and find some of the best online casino games that the Internet has to offer – winning you real cash, in real time, in real life!

We’re sorry to our casinos on shore, but you just don’t quite qualify according to the 2001 Interactive Gambling Act that was passed by the Australian Commonwealth Parliament. Overseas rooms have managed to gain those all-important licenses and know exactly what games suit the players in the region.

Live casinos come under regulation by State and Territory authorities, with Queensland being overlooked by the Office of Gaming Regulation, which take an active role in ensuring that live gambling adheres to all legislation that has been laid out. Accessing and then using Queensland online gambling rooms is not an offence in the region – so get your dollars out and get ready to win real money Aussies, prosecution won’t be coming for you!

Finding the Best Queensland Online Gambling Sites

We have put together a comprehensive catalogue of online pokies and games that are by names that you trust. There’s no need to play slots that are completely unknown to you if you don’t want to. You only have to click on Facebook, Twitter, or some other social media site to have a massive array of casino sites chucked down your neck and enticing you to click and play. How can you tell which to choose?

We know our metropolitan friends in Queensland are looking for progressive pokies that offer the best in online gambling in Australia. That’s why, as industry experts, we go out of our way to put forward only the best that will win you top bucks, and not just pennies per play.

Well known creators such as Playtech and IGT make their appearance and we make sure that we find the casinos that offer the most incredible bonuses. Just by signing up to some of our recommended sites, you can turn pennies into real, hard cash.

Safety First

Don’t get over excited and hand over your Wonga too easily gambling online. Make sure you only use casinos that accept AUD as money often gets lost in the conversion rates. Well, it doesn’t get lost, we know exactly where it goes, but we’d rather it stay in your pocket. Make sure you double check the licensing of the casino. Although we check all of the sites we recommend, taking responsibility of your own online safety is always a good habit to get into.

Use a banking system you are comfortable with and don’t be afraid to go elsewhere if you are not comfortable with the fees or ways they operate. Always use the best websites and make your Queensland online gambling life easy by reading our expert recommendations– we know our stuff!