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If your Wi-Fi signal is doing its job, then you’ve got the pick of the tables right at your fingertips.

Take a look at the bounty of brilliant sites we can show you to win real money! With Australians being 100% free to access any South Australia online gambling website they please, as long as it’s located overseas, there are hundreds, if not thousands of sites to choose from. We have rounded up the best sites for your enjoyment, so you don’t have to look a second longer than you need to. Our recommended casinos are:

  • Legal and safe, with top notch security systems in places
  • Fun and exciting with a range of brilliant bonuses to spur you on
  • Rigorously tested by the International Gaming Authorities, like eCOGRA

South Australia Gambling Regulation

South Australia Online Gambling - 2023's Top Gambling Sites

Unlicensed gaming sites are unable to operate in South Australia, however, this doesn’t mean that you can’t get access to the best online gambling South Australia has to offer, with the chance for you to win real money.

The 2001 Interactive Gambling Act and the South Australia Casino Act of 1997 means that unlicensed sites aren’t approved to operate in South Australia, however we do have a number of thoroughly researched overseas sites that are licensed and able to operate in Australia.

This means that you are perfectly free to access the sites for online gambling in South Australia – just make sure that you are accessing the best and not the first that you come to on Google. Let us point you in the right direction!

2023 Changes to Regulation

The SA government has created new rules and regulations that take into consideration Internet gaming firms that take bets from South Australian residents. Basically, our Aussie government will make some money back from those sites that are making dollars from our citizens, rather than nothing at all. A total win/win situation.

Don’t fret or worry, we have found plenty of places for you to enjoy gambling online and making that little bit of extra cash that every pocket could do with! Simply log on and play to win.

Finding the Best Online Gambling in South Australia

After expertly sourcing each site, we ensure that the online casinos are safe and have good security in place, meaning you can gamble the day away in the sun without fear of your pocket being fried. We have also made sure that they cater to your needs and use AUD and Australian-friendly deposit systems.

Alternatives are everywhere and there’s lots of variation right at your fingertips. If you don’t really have the time to sit on Google then trust us when we tell you - we know the right online casinos that are exactly what you need when it comes to game choice, tournaments and brilliant bonuses.

Just because you might not be the best at the table doesn’t mean we can’t get you the best bang for your buck. By registering with our recommended casinos you can be sure that you’re going to get the best payback in terms of return on your deposit. The best thing? You can do this in your grundies.

You can’t say that about SkyCity, and they certainly don’t give you free cash to gamble with either.

Safety First

When you're gambling online, slow down and take stock of the situation before you dive in head first. Yes, we know what we are talking about – but you need to be sure of your own safety, too. When gambling online or making any financial transaction on the web, you should keep in mind the following.

First, always remember to go for the casinos that accept AUD so that you aren’t stung with conversion fees that whittle down your wallet.

Also, have a look for the little padlock that will come up at the bottom of your Internet browser – this is a sterling indication that you’re on a safe site. If you’re fairly new to the online gambling gang, use deposit/withdrawal systems that you are comfortable with and have used before so you don’t suddenly find your money going walkabout.